1 story plus 2 lessons = 3 minute video

This is a business AND kopywriting lesson in one, on how to keep things retardedly-simple (with 4 quick examples).

When you watch this vid, try to think of ideas to hone your own business message (or flat out create a new one):

(YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjbnL0fmflY )


So you’ll learn two lessons from this one story:
Lesson 1.) A lotta wantrepreneurs over-complicate the hell out of contracts.
Check out the contract Noah and I made for a project (and yes, it’s real).

Lesson 2.)
A lotta people over-complicate the MESSAGE their business sends out….which makes it too damn complicated…and thus useless since stupid people like me can’t understand it. I’ll show you some good examples.
Enjoy the vid!

you can go to Kopy.tv to easily see all my vids.



Blog posted on: December 11, 2012

7 comments on “1 story plus 2 lessons = 3 minute video

  1. Lisa

    Neville, I took your course this spring, but then got pulled into a super huge consulting deal, and as a result, have not launched my scheme. However, in the course of my new gig, I met a brilliant IT guy who has lots of cool business ideas, but needs help on developing the businesses’ marketing and sales. Do you consult? Can you help him out?


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