Monthly Archives: December 2004

Some Freetime

Tommorrow (Sunday) I am going for an 18 hole round of golf, then Monday I finish my 2nd to last semester of college. After Monday I need to focus on:

  • Creating new investments.
  • Opening my 2nd brokerage account.
  • Getting Resumite Personal Sites ready to do business.
  • Adding new content to business.

Here is my Financial Update for 12-11-2004:

General Account – $963

Business Balance – $1,683

Spending Account – $431

Investment Account – $873

Permanent Savings – $3,040

CD Savings – $5,039

Stock Portfolio Value -$5,104

Credit Card Balance – $0

Small Side Business:

To make extra money I’ve always designed websites. Now that I’m done with final exams for the week, I can concentrate on Resumite Personal Websites (I have set a goal to launch in on December 15th).

I try to start small businesses all the time. Since I’m a full time student, I look for businesses with low/no overhead, low entry costs, flexible hours and good returns for my time. My first real business from high school still brings in more money than my job, and I spend less than 20 minutes a day on it. For Resumite, I decided to do a different take on standard website design because it is a very saturated field. Resumite will be a simple business to start, and 100% profit (especially since I already own a dedicated server for hosting). All I need to do is market around campus and online.

-About Resumite-

-Personal Resume Websites (Resume + Website = Resumite)

-Users can have their own website to put on their resumes and business cards.

-Price: $50 for basic package. Includes 1 year hosting, domain registration and a choice of sample sites.

Check it out – It is still in the construction phase.

No Longer a Hot Shot

Syntel (SYNT) and Dynegy (DYN) are both down substantially (several hundred dollar losses in each). The surprising thing is that Superconductor Tech (SCON) is still going up, the one stock I didn’t have high expectations for.

Feel free to drop me comments on trading strategies etc, but keep in mind I generally hold shares for 3 months to 2 years. I have had stocks in the past that dropped dramatically, but holding on to them for 6 months reversed those losses into big gains. If you are not careful though, those losses can turn into even bigger losses.

The reason behind this post is to show myself that no matter how confident you are about a stock, it can still play games with you. Fortunately I have longterm faith in Dynegy and Syntel. Dynegy will be a several year hold, and Syntel will be held for approximately 6 more months (based on current situations).

A Rude Awakening

After coming back from a final exam, I checked my Dynegy (DYN) stock as I knew they were making a big announcement soon. I saw the big red numbers that read – %10 and immediately went rummaging through the news.

Deciding to keep my investment or run for the hills with what I still have (I actually bought the stock lower than what it fell to, so I am not in a loss as yet) I noticed why it had dropped. Turns out they are paying off debt (good), and the bottom line for yearly earnnings will now take a big hit (bad) because of it.

I evaluated my stance on this position: Longterm investment with a minimum holding period of two years. I have confidence Dyngy will get back on its feet when the initial hit clears. It may take a few years, but this one is for the longterm portfolio.

The lesson learned here is how fast your luck can change. Just 12 days ago I wrote an entry bragging about how well DYN was performing!

The Million Dollar Goal

My goal to make $1,000,000 in liquidable assets by the time I am 27 will be difficult to reach, but it is something I aim for. I’ve been told to set realistic goals, and I do make very realistic short term goals, but I enjoy making high demands of myself because they challenge me to go beyond what I know I can do.

So if you will excuse me, I have some more zeros to tack on my account balances :)

Assest Update and More

General Account: $1,453

Business Balance: $1,032

Spending Account: $461

Investment Account: $779

Permanent Savings: $3,000

Backup CD Savings: $5,036

Stock Portfolio Value: $5,715

Credit Card Balance: $0

Paycheck was distributed to permanent savings, investment account and spending account. I took $21.15 out of the general account and put it in the permanent savings to make it an even $3,000 just for fun. I have one more paycheck coming, and I will put a good amount of it towards the spending account since I will be visiting NYC this Christmas and New Year (NY is expensive!)

Thanks Trader Mike for the link on your website!

Sinking With the Ship or Taking Off…

I bought my smallest share ever of a company ($387 worth) of Superconductor Technologies (SCON) a short while back as an experiment. The exeriment was to catch a short term gain after a large breakout in price. I caught a short gain, then it fell. I was going to sell but I liked the company, although the charts didn’t look good.

I roughed out a -40% loss for 2 months, and finally today the stock rose +33.72%. The headlines aren’t saying what caused this massive 3 hour increase in price, but it looks like I may actually get my money back and then some. The only reason I accepted such a high loss was because of my limited amount of exposure, unfortunately when the stock goes up, this small exposure doesn’t make me much $$$…but hey, at least I won’t be losing any!

Rule of 100

To find out the percentage of your assets which should be exposed to risk, simply use the Rule of 100:

100 – (Your age) = Percentage of your assets which should be invested.

I am 22, so 78% of my savings should be exposed to some risk, and therefore a larger chance of gain. The other 22% should be tucked away in a fail-safe account such as a CD or other savings device. This is by no means the correct method for everyone, but for my needs it seems right. As a semi-active investor I’d like to see more of my net worth exposed to some potential gains. I think it is better to learn financial mistakes while you are young and can easily recover rather than when you are older and have bills to pay and a family to support.

To restructure my finances to meet this 78% mark, I am stopping my $5,000 CD which has earned only $36 after a year and a half. The current rate I am getting is 0.75% which is much lower than inflation. I will put half the money back into permanent savings and invest the other half. While I enjoy having money to invest, I also enjoy the security a pile of cold, hard cash can provide.

Am I Meeting My Goal On Dec. 31st?

One of the reasons I started this blog was to track if I was meeting, exceeding or falling short of my goals. One of my short term goals was:

By December 31st, 2004, I should have made $5,000 since September.

Am I close? I only have 29 days left, let’s take a look at the money I’ve made and lost since September:

September Business Profit: + $468

October Business Profit: + $459

November Business Loss: $9 (Server was down)

December Business Income: TBA

Profit from Wheaton Sale (WHT): + $567

Profit from Syntel Sale (SYNT): + $776

Loss from V.I. Tech Sale (VITX): – $316

Birthday Money: + $101

Parents: + $240

Work: + $1,398

Total Income: + $4,009

Total Losses: – $325

Total Money Made: $3,684

Money I have to make in the next 29 days: $1,316

I have some money owed to me for webpages, I have two more paychecks coming and I have 400+ profit sitting in stock with the possibility of going further up (or possibly down). The online business will also be rather profitable since it’s the holiday season. Hopefully I can accomplish my goal of $5,000 since September in 29 more days.