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NWSB: Northwest Bancorp

I am a shallow person. I fell in love with this stock based purely on looks. Only after getting to know her better did I find out that she is more than just a pretty chart, she has substance. Her name is NWSB.

Run some of your own longterm charts for Northwest Bancorp and you will see what I mean. Also take a quick glance at the financials. I like how this company has been quitely growing and not getting too much media attnetion just yet.

I am looking to make another longterm stock acquisition soon, and NWSB looks like a great buy right now.

Weekend Update

There were lots of festivities and fun this weekend and I am ready to start a new week!

I went to the largest Brazilian Mardi Gras party outside of Brazil, and found a great money making opportunity: Scalping. There were literally hundreds of people dressed up and ready to get inside, but had no tickets. We bought ours from a scalper and paid double what they cost. Immediately we had people offering us double what WE paid for them! Obviously, you know I will be making some extra cash next year :)

Speaking of festivities…

A regular practice of mine is trying to get pizza on 6th Street for cheap as possible. After the bars let out at 2:00 am, everyone crowds the hot dog, bratwurst and pizza stands. Since these are generally independently run operations, I always haggle and get pizza for a lower price. Some people call this being cheap (which I am), but I see it as more of a challenge or game. My personal best is getting 3 slices of pizza for $3.00. That particular establishment charges $2.50 per slice. I deserve a trophy!

My Aspirations

Usually when people ask me what I want to do after I graduate I say :

“I would like to work for a large investment firm where I can really sink my teeth into the market. After two or three years of working I’d like to get my MBA.”

This response generally will satisfy most people. I used to reply with my real aspirations, but saying it to someone who believes a corporate paycheck is the only way to go is futile.

If I tell you my real aspirations, it generally would go something like:

“I would like to simultaneously work and create investments

after college. By this I mean working during the day, and becoming a superhero entrepreneur by night. By 11-17-2012, my 30th birthday, I plan to have established Enwon Inc into a conglomerate company drawing income from 5 different sources in preferably different industries. These would most likely include the liquor industry, money management in stock, 2 inventions in the consumer products area and real estate.”

At the rate I’m going, I don’t think this is an unrealistic vision by any means. I have dabbled if not dived into everything named above (I don’t post some ventures for confidentiality purposes). My idol company is Fortune Brands, whose stock I own and love.

Obviously some people give me an awkward look and dissenting opinion when I tell them my true aspirations, but I have 8 years to prove them wrong!

William Parrott of Morgan Stanley

Today was another meeting with the University Investors Association, and the guest speaker was William Parrott of Morgan Stanley. He is head of the entire Austin branch of Morgan Stanley which has recently moved to a brand new state-of-the-art facility in downtown Austin.

He is leaving town for a week, but when he comes back I am scheduled to go meet him at the beautiful Frost Bank Tower where Morgan Stanley is located and take a tour. I’m excited to see this place!

I wake up every morning before 8:30 am to catch the opening of the market, it would be great to be around active money managers when this happens! If I am lucky, I might even get a shot at a job there!

Dave Liniger Quote

I’d like to share a quote I recently heard:

“I’ve been miserable when poor, and I’ve been miserable when rich. Let me tell ya, it’s a hell of a lot better being miserable when rich.”

Dave Liniger, Founder of RE/MAX

Dynegy Turning Profit

Today Dynegy (DYN) turned a profit for me. I bought this stock a few months ago and was soon riding a 25% gain, until they paid off debt which pulled from their bottom line. Since paying off debt is GOOD in the longrun, I held on.

Shorter term investors hated the news and dumped the stock. Ulitmately leaving me with a 16% loss.

You can see that Dynegy has been recovering from the announcement. I plan to hold Dynegy for a couple of years as natural gas will be a hot commodity soon.

I am back in the black with Dynegy, and hope to be for years to come!

Meeting Dave Liniger

Today I had the opportunity to hear Dave Liniger speak and meet him afterwards. He is the founder of the largest real estate company in the world, RE/MAX. He was an extremely motivating and interesting man who shows no signs of slowing down.

After dropping out of college and joining the military, he started buying small houses and selling them. By the time he was 21, he had sold 21 houses. From there on he had a successful career as a real estate agent for several large companies, then he founded RE/MAX.

He spoke of the many years of difficulty trying to start up the company and compete in the real estate market. Financial problems and death threats were the norm during the starting years, but once the company finally got on track, it soared. He also was very proud that RE/MAX was the only large real estate company who allowed women and minorities to become agents and upper management.

This is a bad picture for both of us, but here it is anyway!

UIA Stock Competition

I am currently #1 in the University Investors Association Stock Competition.

This simulated $100,000 portfolio consists of $10,000 holdings in these ten companies:











These picks come directly from The Kirk Report, and his top 15 investments for 2005 (I only used the top ten).

Anyone can get this fake $100,000 and invest for themselves at