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These six YouTube videos (all of the same speech….so technically ONE YouTube video) changed my attitude towards meat.

I doubt I’ll ever fully give it up, but I have been eating significantly less since I saw this:

Next vids:

This video answered a question I long couldn’t figure out: Why do we get fatter?

I mean…how is the fat PHYSICALLY deposited in/on our organs and belly and thighs?

It all made sense to me when I heard:
Animal fats are solid at body temperature.  Plant oils are liquid.  Eureka!

Watch and learn.  He has an easy-to-understand way of explaining this all.

Blog posted on: August 21, 2010

9 comments on “6 Dr. Klaper Videos

  1. Kimberly

    This was a really good video series. I’m a firm believer that nutrition influences health. However, I was extremely disappointed when I went to http://ahealthykitchen.com/ , the site listed on the videos. I thought, “Great, I finally can use some new vegetarian recipes!” so I went to the entree section. What to I find other than beef, chicken, turkey… then finally last was vegetarian. Vegetarian with only -one- recipe. No meat chili. Seriously?? I expected so much more from this site, but I think I’ll have better luck at my local library.

    1. Neville Post author

      Glad you enjoyed! It helped me understand a lot of things I was confused about before. Fortunately it was explained easily enough to where anyone can understand. Not the usually too-scientific-for-anyone-but-other-scientists-to-understand mumbo jumbo.

  2. Anonymous

    “It all made sense to me when I heard:
    Animal fats are solid at ROOM temperature. Plant oils are liquid. Eureka!”

    Should be, at BODY temperature. Solid at room temp is irrelevant, since our bodies are higher than room temp.

  3. Blue

    Watched some of the videos. They were filled with half-truths and misleading (but true!!!) facts.

    Your body is designed to eat meat. Most people probably eat more than they should, but being a vegetarian is harmful.


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