6-Pack Experiment – What I eat for a day

The Getting A Six Pack Experiment has been in effect for about 2 weeks now, and I have purposely not been posting what I eat everyday for the first two weeks….I wanted to first get some good, solid meals that fill me up, have extraordinarily low calories, provide tons of nutrition…and mainly, leave me feeling energetic.

I didn’t want to post stuff that left me feeling terrible.

The way I’m tracking what I eat is through Adam’s company MyBodyTutor.  Not only do I track what I eat, but I get professional feedback on each and every meal.

Now the biggest problem I personally face when reading about “eating well” is I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO EAT!

Why don’t these people just TELL me exactly what to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner?  Oh wait, they do….they tell me to eat THEIR food which they provide you for $399/month.   Thanks guys.

Well that’s not sustainable (although it is a FANTASTIC business model though)!

If something DOES tell you what to eat, it says, “Eat a healthy dose of foods with nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables.”  Umm….ok….such as???

Anyhow, I figured if people could learn something, it’s just a simple picture documentary of what I eat on a typical day….BEGIN:

11:30 AM:

4 spring rolls made out of:

  • 4 rice wraps
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/2 cup cashews
  • 2 clementines

I basically dump and the stuff in a bowl, mix it up, then wrap them in the rice wraps (I’ll do a full tutorial later). They taste amazing and average to about 50 calories a piece…so I get completely full from 200 calories….in comparison a Snickers has 440 calories and doesn’t fill you up.

So many of my friends see me making these, taste them, now THEY make them all the time!  It’s an incredibly healthy and tasty meal.

3:50 PM:

1/2 cup of grapes (somewhere around a handful)

5:20 PM:

1 apple
1 handful of raw cashews

6:50 PM:

A salad with:

  • 1/2 cup spinach
  • 1/2 cup strawberries
  • 1/2 cup cashews
  • 1 cup grapes
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce

(Ok, I admit, that’s the wrong picture, but it’s not that far off).

This is easy stuff to eat, and it tastes great! I barely consumed any calories, I got a TON of nutrition, I felt satisfied and I felt nice and light afterwards.

8:25 PM:

1/2 cup carrots
2 clementines

10:20 PM

1/4 cup almonds
1 clementine

I NEVER feel guilty about snacking on raw fruits and vegetables.  Eat your freakin heart out of those.  That was the whole day’s worth of food.


-Ran 25 minutes on the elliptical machine (very hard resistance).
-Did all the ab exercises given to me by MBT.
-Went for a quick swim in the pool.
-Did ab exercises throughout the day during breaks.

This is a pretty typical day of eating and exercise (not even that much exercise).  This food actually fills me up, and I don’t go around hungry all day.  I HAVE learned how to eat less over time, and your body adapts to it just fine.  Eating like this took some practice, but now it’s a perfect amount.

Just look at all that stuff, you can’t POSSIBLY feel sluggish after any of those meals!

Back in college I would’ve though this kind of eating was insane, but that’s because I was so used to loading up on really heavy foods every single day.

I’ll do these daily posts a few more days, and try to include the calories too (this day was very low as you can see). One value meal at a McDonald’s will have far more calories than this entire days worth of eating, AND it’ll make you sluggish.

Blog posted on: April 13, 2010

25 comments on “6-Pack Experiment – What I eat for a day

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  2. Kimberly

    I think you should post what made you feel terrible as a “what didn’t work” type post. Maybe some of us can learn from your mistakes or at least not feel like they’re doing something wrong when they feel the same way eating similar foods.

    1. Neville

      I’ll try doing a post about that! It’ll probably be some of the foods I don’t like, or are too high-calorie to eat during this period.

  3. Me

    Why are you only doing ab exercises and cardio? If my body tutor told you to only do ab exercises and cardio then they are idiots and shouldn’t be recommending exercise routines to anyone.

    If your goal is have really strong abs, a weak back, and create a muscular imbalance in your body that will cause you to injure your back in the future, then they’ve made a good recommendation.

    PS. I hope you’re also stretching your abs after working out. After working out your ab muscles are tightened and shortened due to the tension. If you’re not stretching them out they’ll remain at that length and start tightening up more and more everytime you workout. Combining that with the weak back from no back exercises and you’ll be hunched over with a lumbar spinal injury in no time, cool!

    1. Neville

      I haven’t properly explained what MBT has me doing yet, so please refrain from negative comments about what you don’t know.

      The goal here is body fat loss, not just building muscular abs.

      Everyone has abdominal muscles, you just can’t see them because they’re covered in fat.

      1. Me

        My bad, I assumed when you said, “This is a pretty typical day of eating and exercise”, that meant those were the exercises you were doing on a typical day.

        You are right, everyone has abs and they’re just covered in fat. So of course working out to burn that fat off makes sense, except fat burning is not site specific so doing tons of ab workouts doesn’t mean you’re burning fat solely from your abs. Doing it your way you’d have to do ab workouts until you’ve lowered the body fat of your entire body to the point of your abs showing, which is dumb.

        It makes much more sense to do full body workouts which will burn more fat, and build your muscles because the more muscle you have the more energy your body uses. Abs are not big muscles, and you’d burn much more fat if you were just doing Bench Press, Squats, Pull downs which use multiple groups of the largest muscles in the body.

        But I’m sure the geniuses at MBT knew that which is why they have you doing ab exercises all day.

  4. Adam McFarland

    Awesome Nev. Really enjoying reading this experiment. Can’t wait to see the results. Happy to hear that you’re enjoying MBT as well. There’s no one I know who is as passionate about what he does as Adam.

    1. Neville Post author

      Thanks (other) Adam!

      I’ve seen a huge difference already, my ab muscles are bigger than they’ve ever been, plus the weight has been melting off really fast. It’s actually pretty amazing to wake up everyday and notice the difference from the previous week.

  5. Credit Girl

    Wow this is intense! However, when you are on a raw diet like this, do you feel like you don’t have as much energy to exercise since you aren’t running on lots of carbs? Or are you taking additional protein supplements and things??

    1. Neville Post author


      NOT AT ALL! I thought I would be low on energy, but the OPPOSITE is true, I have MORE!

      From what I understand you don’t need THAT much protein, plus plants, nuts, veggies all have protein, so I get more than enough.

  6. Sperry

    Have you considered getting a Vita-Mix blender? I have one and it works great. I toss a bunch fruits and vegatables plus some water, blend it and drink it while getting ready for work. Total time to prepare and clean up is about 10 minutes. Because it’s so easy and quick, I constantly change the quantity and type of produce that I mix in. I favority is parsley, celery, apple, ginger, and a teaspoon of raw honey.

    1. Neville Post author

      I have a blender which I make banana and strawberry smoothies sometimes, plus there’s a Whole Foods down the street which makes all sorts of crazy concoctions.

      I used to have a juicer but after a month I decided I no longer liked how so much juice made me feel. Eating the raw ingredients was so much more satisfying.

      However blending still gives you EVERYTHING that the juicer leaves out, so I agree, the smoothies are great!

  7. Jason Greene

    Hey Nev,

    Great post. I’m an ethical vegan, and had to read up on nutrition when I first made the change from a very heavy meat based diet. Back in my days of ignorance I used to think a meal wasn’t a meal unless it had some kind of meat, with the rest of the dish just accompanying it. So the massive health benefits I have enjoyed since then have been a huge and amazing bonus, seeing as the change was initially for ethical reasons. Energy levels went through the roof, I have no trouble keeping slim, and the thing I love most about it is that I literally haven’t been sick since then. I used to get sick at least 3 times a year, with a couple of colds and the flu every year. But for the past three years, since eating a plant-based diet, no ill health.

    1. Neville Post author


      That sounds great! I took have seen all pimples go away pretty much 100% and pretty much no sickness or sluggishness.

      While I’m not ethically against meat or cutting it out 100%, I’ve definitely been eating a lot less of it.

  8. Matt

    Great post!
    I have been trying to implement better eating habits for some time now but I never knew what to eat… Now thanks to this post I’m going to fill up on spring rolls! They look so good, picking the ingredients for them now on Friday.



    1. Neville Post author

      Matt, those things are AMAZING and so low in calories and so high in nutrition…they really fill me up too.

      I’ll do a full demo on how to make them soon!

  9. Kristine


    This is awesome! Thanks for keeping me in check last night at the Drafthouse. Perhaps we should dine together more often. ha! That’s usually an automatic @fatfail. Here’s to the quest for flat abs.


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  12. Rick

    […] constant reminders of my goal – the other @fatroll girls, bootcamp instructor(s), my friend Neville (who is also on the quest for 6-pack abs) and the looming bikini picture. In lieu of sleep […]


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