A bunch of business ideas …..and my feedback on each

If you wanna see a bunch of business ideas….and my feedback (on most of them), go here and look at the comments:


I’ve been going through each comment and responding (so all of them might not be done yet)….here’s what I feel like going through EVERY DAMN COMMENT and responding:

These are all business ideas people want to see validated in the SumoBusinessBlueprint style (which I must bragged has helped TOOONNS of people actually get off their ass and validate their idea instead of sitting on it forever).

It’s like free business idea research….check it out:

P.S. I’m still answering the comments one by one….so if you comment, it will get answered!

Blog posted on: February 22, 2012

14 comments on “A bunch of business ideas …..and my feedback on each

  1. chris

    I have actually already started making good money off of my business idea. I was doing research on way to combat smog and polution/air quality in cities and stumbled upon evironmental paint being used in a city calles manilla in the phillipeans. Basically the toxic chemichals in the air are neutralised by eviromentaly friendly chemichals in the paint. Iit has improved air quality by as much as 40% in asian cities where its being used. And I pitched the idea to the city council in salt lake and got a great contract to paint various city owned property with the enironmental paint as well as some local company’s and hertz rent a car. And a little research in the tax code, it falls under going green so the tax break is quite nice for whatever business decides to hire my company. And funny thing is I got the idea from this very blog haha, thanks nev :)

    1. krille

      Can you tell me what kind of paint it is?

      I really like your idea and I might be able to do it in my country (Sweden)

  2. Chris

    Here is a link to the paint were using,


    I order it directly from a company in the Philippines but from what the vendor tells me its going to be available in some European countries soon.

    This stuff is relatively new and not main stream on the market yet but Its pretty epic imo.

    I honestly think its an innovative and colorful way in order to combat air pollution in major metropolitan areas.

    Also working on setting up Algae farms on top of buildings in my local area, and looking into a possible vertical farming project to grow fresh local vegetables for restaurants and the like.

    You would be amazed at how much space is not utilized in major cities, Building tops, lofts, warhouses. All happy to make a little extra money and lease you the space for next to nothing lol.

  3. Matty D

    LOL, your picture was the perfect visual for how I’ve been feeling this morning. Cheers to you for taking the time and energy to respond to every comment.

  4. Arik Ermshaus

    You should really get paid by some institutions or organizations for entrepreneurs for all your free stuff you’re doing.

    I mean. . .you ALWAYS help tons and tons and tons and tons of people with you stuff and RIGHT NOW?

    Every single dude can send you his business idea and you might validate it. . .

    JESUS Neville–that’s like really freaking social. Very awesome!

    1. Neville

      Like Gary Halbert said:

      The number one mistake of people trying to make money online (or anywhere), is that they try to MAKE a lot of money, without FIRST GIVING TONS OF VALUE.

      If you do it the opposite way around, it works better.

      So me slogging through comments doesn’t make me money this SECOND, but it makes my future pockets bigger (and my fingers stronger) :-)

  5. Leo Tabibzadegan

    Dude. I don’t know how you got through answering all those comments. Big ass kudos to you! Can’t wait to check out the rest of your kourses. Big thanks from Canada!

    Ps. If you ever need any help with any of your tedious tasks. I’d love to help out! I will work for tacos! :)

    1. Neville Post author

      My fingers are hella strong now after that!

      Thanks for the offer….apparently a lot of people want to help out with comments. I might take you up at some point, but right now I’m mostly done with them all.

      The validation course should be coming out this month…..it’ll be good :-)


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