A Rude Awakening

After coming back from a final exam, I checked my Dynegy (DYN) stock as I knew they were making a big announcement soon. I saw the big red numbers that read – %10 and immediately went rummaging through the news.

Deciding to keep my investment or run for the hills with what I still have (I actually bought the stock lower than what it fell to, so I am not in a loss as yet) I noticed why it had dropped. Turns out they are paying off debt (good), and the bottom line for yearly earnnings will now take a big hit (bad) because of it.

I evaluated my stance on this position: Longterm investment with a minimum holding period of two years. I have confidence Dyngy will get back on its feet when the initial hit clears. It may take a few years, but this one is for the longterm portfolio.

The lesson learned here is how fast your luck can change. Just 12 days ago I wrote an entry bragging about how well DYN was performing!