Blog posted on: August 26, 2009

10 comments on “A wise man once told me…

  1. Anonymous


    I am sorry I copied and sued you. I guess I was in a bad mood. Now I know it was wrong.



  2. Neville

    This was more of just a random quote I remember….although I have been copied many times, and there were some lawsuits filed :-)

  3. Rick Carstens

    yeah ! i can agree with you on that…. as i have been the victim of being copied…. that's a long story. :(

  4. Frank Polenose

    Hey it's true – there will always be people who copy good ideas. It's a shame but you'll never be able to stop it.

  5. Pico RG

    You have really been sued. I don't know why really. Some Anonymous said that he sued you lol so here is the explanation

  6. yluvbugs

    There is nothing wrong with “bettering” the system but copied or ideas stolen is just wrong. This is what I was told once by an accountant giving me advice in opening a business.


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