Account Balances Now and Later

When I look at my account balances, I currently see this:

Within the next three years or so, I plan to dramatically increase those amounts. I am currently working on several business deals and hopefully have more on the way.

In a few years, it is very possible to pull up the same screen and see these account balances:

Perhaps one day I will look back at this and laugh how high or low I set my sights.

Until that day…I’ll keep charging forward.
And when that day comes, I’ll keep charging on.

Blog posted on: June 28, 2005

34 comments on “Account Balances Now and Later

  1. Anonymous

    No offense, but where in the heck do you come up with this crap. You need to get off the prozac and get into the real world. A $1,041,079.71 gain in three years? Yes that is million. Your ‘business’ ideas as of late have yielded you close to nothing and you expect to multiply that by 100,000% or so? Give me a break.

  2. Anonymous


    I’ve always read that people who a) are CONSTANTLY motivated and b) write down their goals and then put them in a place where they’re easily reminded of them are most likely to see them come to fruition.

    I am a little worried, however, that the largest “future account balance” is your stock account. I think that’s being a little unrealistic. After the huge run-up of the 90’s (even if we did “crash”, we’re already close to those highs again), I think it’s most likely that we run in the same place for a while. I wouldn’t be willing to bet that in 2008 the equities markets are materially higher than they are now.

    Good luck & stay motivated!

  3. Anonymous

    Your a complete fucking retard. There is no way in the world you will reach those figures with your water experiments. You won’t reach those figures in 15 years.

  4. Jeff

    Rather then saying he’s an idiot you should encourage him to set realistic goals and produce a plan for obtaining them. Goals are useful in measuring your progress only if you have a plan for obtaining them.

    So, back in your court Neville. How do you plan to obtain these goals?

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Nev,

    Pay no attention to the nay sayers. As a Certified Financial Planner I know a large percentage of the North American Population, who are lot older than you, have very little savings and many have a negative net worth. Many a business person has invested in opportunities that resulted in 100,000% gains. Bill Gates…comes too mind!

    Risk versus Return!

    Lee Raito, CFP, FMA

  6. Digitally Yours

    To those people who say “idiot”
    I have to say what are your goals, do you have any, if you don’t have any goals and a game plan you will never get to where you want to be because you don’t know what you want to do.

    I have had many people tell me also to write down your goals. Even if at first they seem out of reach it doesn’t mean they aren’t possible.

  7. Neville

    Dear All,

    Like I’ve mentioned before, I have multiple deals going on right now. I do not post any details about these deals, but I assure you they are MUCH larger than anything I’ve ever dealt with thus far.

    All of these are under strict Non-Disclosure Agreements.

    I am working with some very large names, and if all goes even DECENTLY well, it is VERY possible I can generate the infamous first million within the next three years. Trust me.

    Give me 1095 days to prove myself. If it doesn’t happen by then, you can have a laugh at my expense.


  8. Anonymous

    I do not doubt that you have deals going on, however you obviously are thinking they are much bigger than they really are. They aren’t going to make you rich. They will get you going, though. How do I know? I am 23 and probably have the same type of “deals” as you do. An older businessperson sees your talent in some area (web, for me) and concocts a business. You have the potential to make a lot of money, but please don’t tell us you’re going to be a millionaire overnight. The reason is it takes money to make money. This angel investor of yours is not just going to give you a ton of money. You have to create a successful business.

  9. Anonymous

    Also, the reason people are so suspect is you are being so vague about your business. I’ve never heard of a non-disclosure as strict as yours. Would it hurt to mention the industry?

  10. Dave

    Whats with these people? A million+ in three years. Easy, if you know what your doing(Which I think you do). Instead of trying to bring him down, just say something positive or nothing at all. But then again it might motivate him more when people try and put him down.

    Anonymous said…
    …..I’ve never heard of a non-disclosure as strict as yours…..
    What do you think non-disclosure means?
    What if he has a brilliant idea. An idea that is so good it cant fail. He goes and gets a patent for it than goes looking for a “buyer”. He sells the rights, for lets say a million+ dollars. Oh, well now he has his million.

    Anonymous said…

    …. You have the potential to make a lot of money, but please don’t tell us you’re going to be a millionaire overnight….
    So you think 3 years or so is overnight? Neville, just show these people how its done.


  11. Quant Trader

    I agree with Dave…A Million+ in 3 years is easy. (At least before taxes.) For many people (myself included), keeping it can be harder than making it. I think Nev has demonstrated that he has the ability to hang onto his money once he’s made it, though.

  12. Cap

    I dont see anything wrong with setting high goal.

    whether its realistic or not, only Nev can really tell.

    still, people are alawys so quick to naysay.

  13. Anonymous

    Nev has many characteristics required for him “to make it”. However, over the last few months I have noticed several less than desirable traits in his personality which make his Enwon = Enron word play less ironic.
    Most successful people I have met have set non-monetary goals for themselves, their goals were more process and end result oriented. I believe goals are essential but I view money as a byproduct of enjoying the process & the work. Pure $$$$ signs and greed very often do not bring the desired outcome. Just my own opinion. Best of luck.

  14. Neville

    My current deals are not simple as yours sound. I didn’t say I would be a millionaire overnight, I said it would happen in three years. And like Dave said, “What do you think non-disclosure means?”

    In 1094 days we’ll see if my goal comes true!

    Quant Trader,
    I’ve seen the “million in three years thing” done many times. Unfortunately I’ve seen the “Going back down to zero in one year” thing happen also!

    You’re very right….with the scant details I’ve posted here, no one can judge if this goal is realistic. I’ll have to prove it with results.

    As I’ve mentioned, my current deals are all confidential for the moment, so I cannot share my actual goals in such a public arena.

    The money goal is just a method to keep track of the progress (Although yes, it is also a BIG motivating factor). I am very excited about the deals I’m doing right now….I go to sleep everynight thinking about ways to improve them all.

    I love the work I am doing, the style I am working and the people I am working with. One of the more important things, I am LEARNING so much…it’s amazing what you can learn when you are forced to complete a task.


  15. Jose Anes

    Being millionaire in short time (10 years or so) — starting from nothing at all, just education — is a realistic goal.

    I have worked 9 years, and I am more than halfway there. As a family of 2, we are 8/10s from there. We estimate we will get there as a family in one or two years.

    I do not know how Neville will get there in 3 years. But I do see how having the knowledge I have now I could have had more money faster.

    I could have done smarter real estate deals, or in different states (California for example). Sold the stocks at a better moment, bought some at a different moment, bought more of that one, or less of that other one. Used stock options in a wiser way. (the ones I did where good, but not IMPRESSIVE).

    I didn’t. And I attribute most of that to the fact that I was (and I am still) not as financially educated as I would have liked. Another reason I am not there yet is because I just don’t have good luck. :)

    Maybe Neville knows a lot more than we do not know. I will keep reading his blog trying to extract wisdom.

    3 years… sounds ambitious… Maybe even naive… 10 years… I am sure this guy will be a millionaire (in today’s dollars) in 10 years. No doubt about it.

  16. Scott

    Nev– First off, I love your blog. I’m first time commentor.

    Your post, gives me a good question I ask myself when goal planning every now and again. When does a person know whether a goal is resonable or just a naive dream? A goal in my mind is measurable within a concrete timeframe. I’m not saying nev’s goal is a dream or if it is reasonable goal, but I could easily say myself. I want to be a millinoaire in 3,5,10,12,20,100 years, etc… How do I know what’s feasible for myself and what’s just a pipe-dream? What moves a goal into an actionable item?

    Nev –> without giving us details, why are you so confident that the goal is reasonable and not a pipe-dream?

  17. Anonymous

    Because he knows anonymous people in anonymous businesses that make anonymous money. Wouldn’t we all be rich with that kind of a fictitious network? Hell, give me 2 years.

  18. Anonymous

    I can just picture some rich businessperson thinking, “man, I’ve got this great idea to make millions. Let me go find some college kid to get this business rolling. Yo Nev!”

    Not saying Nev won’t get rich, but considering his current finances, he doesn’t have the ability to finance shit right now so someone else is bankrolling this mysterious venture. No problem there, but it indicates this is a speculative business opportunity….definitely not a sure million as Nev would like to believe.

  19. Jacob

    I personally know several friends who’ve made millions in less than 3 years. The internet and computers have made it possible for young kids to generate tons of wealth in short periods of time (Remember the 90’s?). Im not sure why so many people are making such a fuss about nev’s claim. If nev is involved in several large deals with several large names, I don’t think a mil in three years is so out of reach.

    “Shake dem haterz off” nev

  20. Anonymous

    a million dollars in 3 years?….

    perhaps it is realistic…especially if your parents are helping you out with financing college, bills, etc…

  21. Anonymous

    Neville, just curios, now that school’s over are you fully supporting yourself or are your parents still supporting you. It seems that you have a minimum wage job, partime, but can afford to pay rent, drive a new(er) car, college expenses… I was wondering who or what pays most of your expenses. Are your business adventures that profitable? It doesn’t seem that you have any dept, but college isn’t cheap these days.

  22. Anonymous

    I think your ROTH numbers might be off. I believe that the max contribution is $4000/year if you are single and under $95,000 Adjusted Income. If you are going to be a millionaire in 3 years, then I’d imagine you’d surpass that $95,000 quickly. Good luck on reaching those goals though.

  23. B

    I seem to sense a lot of jealousy here, especially from the anonymous naysayers. Nev is obviously a very driven young man, and I have no doubt he is going to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. We’ve already seen that his mind works differently from that of a lot of people, and if used positively, it’s going to make him stand out in the goals he sets for himself.

  24. Chris

    None of you have respect for the market. Making a million dollars in a short amount of time isn’t extremely easy. Humble yourself before the market’s ability to set prices efficiently, for if you do not respect the market, it will destroy you.

    As for Neville. I like him and I like his blog, however determination alone doesn’t make you rich. If making a million dollars was as easy as reading a book by William Buffet and having a strong work ethic, everyone would be driving Porsches.

  25. Anonymous

    Not that this discussion is necessarily worth adding a comment to, but I think that a key point that is overlooked is the fact that a million dollars in equity is quite different than having a million dollars in cash.

    If you are really going to have a million dollars in cashable assets, you better plan on having a multiple of that in equity — I doubt that at your age you are going to find any kind of opprotunity that is going to pay you that much in “cash” alone.

    In any case, just an observation.

  26. Anonymous

    Some of the “naysayers” here have much more valid, informed & succinct points. While the “Nevile’s-googoogaga” group is just blindly admiring bunch of numbers on a page with no accontability and/or visible plan. And, yes, I GOT the “big secret” part.

  27. Madame X

    Just found your blog, it’s very interesting, similar yet different to the way I am tracking my finances. I wish I had started at your age!


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