I’m trying to brainstorm ways of keeping myself accountable…(or others for that matter).

I’m in the slightly unique situation of not having to answer to anybody. This means I have no boss or anyone who will yell at me if something doesn’t get done.  If I have a bad month in terms of how much money I made, it’s literally 100% my fault. I also don’t have people which depend on me getting certain things done.

I analyzed some situations where things get done, even when you’re lazy about them:

  • In school, if I didn’t finish my homework I’d get a bad grade.
  • In a company, if you don’t finish certain things you can get fired.
  • In a company, you might have people who depend on what you’re doing, so if you don’t finish, they get mad at you.

These are all great reasons to get something done before the deadline even if you don’t want to.

So each of these has a:

  1. Task that needs to get done.
  2. Someone expecting or dependent on the task getting done.
  3. A negative consequence that happens if you DON’T finish.

I make monthly goals all the time, but I realized until I decided to blog everyday there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for each of my goals (you may recall I openly set that goal with NevBlog readers, and in addition set a negative consequence if it doesn’t happen).  So that goal has all the elements of a task that WILL GET DONE.  But what about the others?

So I’m brainstorming some ways that I can get all my goals done:

  • Posting each goal on this blog (but what if it’s something I don’t want to be public)?
  • Get a Business Coach to discuss each goal and call me about its progress and due date (kind of like the accountability MyBodyTutor gave me for the 6-Pack Experiment which worked BEAUTIFULLY).
  • I could set a negative consequence for each goal, but it’s missing the #2 part of the formula (someone expecting or dependent on the task).

Hmmm… it looks like the best way is to have some sort of business coach that I speak to several times a month that keeps me accountable.

Has anyone found some great ways of keeping their goals and ALWAYS getting them done?

Blog posted on: August 10, 2010

22 comments on “Accountability

  1. Francesca

    I have always been a goal oriented person. I put work high up on a pedestal, maybe because up until now, my mom is complaining about why I didn’t pursue advertising as a career. I guess my ‘drive’ when it comes to achieving my goal is that how it will make me look. It really says a lot about your character and personality when you deliver. You actually don’t need a coach that you need to answer to. You just need to be accountable for yourself. Well, that is just me, at the end of the day, it would still be up to you. PS.I want to share this article with you since we are talking about accountability, and how you can be wealthier by being accountable wealth

  2. jude

    Accountability groups. You likely have a few of friends who are entrepreneurs. Organize a little bit and setup weekly or monthly phone skype session or meeting. During that meeting share weekly goals, and update the group about about prior week’s progress. As the group matures you won’t want to let them down, and they won’t want to let you down. Needs & leads can be shared. Of course, the foundation is group confidentiality and trust.

  3. linda

    The boyfriend makes monetary bets with his friends. It has to be a sum of money that you’ll not want to fork up though. Because if he sets the bet too low sometimes he’s just tempted to buy out.

    Lucky for you, you are pretty goal oriented so your dedication is actually above average in terms of achieving goals!

  4. Kimberly


    Is there anything like that online? I personally don’t know any entrepreneurs in my area that would be willing to do that.

  5. Boies

    Thanks for pinging for clarification. My intention was to say that Mountain View was on fire in July, but if you’re looking to put your home on the market *today*, you should be careful about your number because buyers are more uncertain now.

    (Just like higher numbers at the pump, people will get used to the higher percentages. It’ll take some getting used to though.)

    The line I would emphasize to them is, “Sellers are confident because of this disparity [ed. low CDOM number], but we’re moving into a slower part of the Silicon Valley market cycle in a period of uncertainty with mortgages.”

    I’ll update the first line to make it more clear and I’m going to add a comma between “cycle” and “in” in the last sentence because there are two separate ideas there.


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