Advertisments on Site?

Perusing websites, I see ads all over the place. They usually don’t bother me if done tastefully, and provide the site owner with a source of income. Nothing wrong with that.

If free television stations didn’t interrupt their programming with advertisements, they wouldn’t be around. So it’s a bit of a trade off.

Taking a look at some personal finance websites, I noticed everyone has all sorts of cash-generating items on their site, which are relatively un-intrusive. I’m just curious of the average total amount everyone makes from their sites. For example, I was looking at Consumersim Commentary and took a good look around his site to see where cash comes from.

Just looking above the fold (meaning not having to scroll down), I noticed SIX different pieces of cash-generating website real estate.

At the very bottom of the page, I noticed FOUR different cash generating avenues including lots of text links for PageRank purposes. Based on the requests I turn down everyday for these, I’m guessing these go for between $50 and $100 a month.

I won’t even mention if there’s anything in the middle, as there is unlimited potential for that, especially on long blog pages.

Based on the Adsense Experiment I did a little while back, I could probably make about $500/month from a simple banner above the fold on the left side of the page. Not bad.

NevBlog originated late one night whilst working at the easiest job in the world as a way to track financial progress…not as a tool to make money. Now I am more open to the idea of it bringing in money….sort of.

I’m not going to slap a bunch of advertisements up immediately, but I’m stroking my chin thinking about it. A far cry from my previous anti-Adsense stance!

Blog posted on: September 25, 2006

9 comments on “Advertisments on Site?

  1. Aaron

    There’s nothing wrong with a few unobtrusive ads. I personally wouldn’t mind if you put up Adsense or Yahoo ads.

    It might also make you post more, because I know you’ve been slacking on the posts Nev ;)

  2. Chief Show Officer

    If a site is strictly selling a product and presumably generating income for the owner I think that advertising other products (leading folks to click out of your site) is a bad idea.

    In your case, you aren’t selling anything on your financial blog so I say, if you’re generating traffic that appeals to advertisers – go for it as long as you keep it low key.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t know why you haven’t done it before, so go for it. You are the one who got me hooked on the whole financial blog thing, so please make some money on it.

  4. billy

    Nev, your site is about personal finance, and making money. I’d say you should experiment with a few different types of ad programs and post the results of your survey. Maybe swap in google for a few months, yahoo, etc and stick with what you like best.

    Maybe even experiment with the locations of each.

  5. ABC

    Noticed your site was down a little while ago.

    Mine was too, something to do with Blogger going down. I could pull up your other pages, but not the homepage..odd!

    I hope you do put advertisements up like your pixel thing. You have a good site, so make some money!

  6. Anonymous

    I would watch out for legal stuff far as banner ads when I was building my own page I remember the affilate programs saying it was illegal to put banners connected with forums, but I am not quiet sure about blogs.

  7. personal finance advice

    There are far more advertising opportunities than there were even six months ago. Flexo in his September personal income statement said his site earned him $2900, but noted some of that was due to some long term advertising he aquired, so there is money to be made.

    I would even submit that text link advertising is stronger and more profitable than adsense these days (it is by far for me), especially if you don’t have the traffic for adsense to kick in.

    I’m sure that you could make a fair penny if you began to accept advertising on this blog…

  8. Stephen

    I have recently created a website devoted to my passions and also making a little money. I try to write every day and promote the site, but the site is not where it should be. Any suggestions?

    Also, does anyone know where the best place is for free text-link ads or does your site have to qualify by attracting so many visitors/month?



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