Alamo Apprentice

I’m involved with a group called Texas Entrepreneurs which is hosting an event: The Alamo Apprentice.

The owner of the Alamo Drafthouse (A highly successful chain of movie theaters that serve food/drinks during movies), Tim League, is acting as “The Donald” and each team is overlooked by either “Caryn” or “George

Texas Entrepreneurs has split up into two groups, each with the goal of making more money in one night than the other. All meetings, events, boardroom meetings and shows are filmed at all times. There will be a movie made out of this and will show at the Alamo Drafthouse on April 30th.

I am on the team: The Profiteers

Our event is tomorrow. We will be hosting a SouthPark Movie Singalong (the craziest things make the most money at the Alamo Drafthouse). We are expecting a full house. Profits will come from ticket sales, props sales(for use during the movie), drink sales and food sales.

Yesterday, the opposing team (Dishwasher Productions) held their event which featured live music, comedians and a movie. We decided to sabotage them.
We scored 20 free pizzas from Gumby’s Pizza, 250 wings from Plucker’s, and gave out all the free food any ticket-holder could eat! This effectively reduced their food sales. Ruthless.

Today is our big event!

Blog posted on: April 20, 2005

4 comments on “Alamo Apprentice

  1. Edgar

    Interesting event.
    Are the earnings the team make going to charity/ and or donations, or split amongst the team winners?

  2. Cap

    should be careful with that, heh. If I was on the team I wouldnt have supported that idea, simply it creates more problem later down the road.

    But it is a direct competition so who knows, maybe not.

    I’d rather let our own ability in picking the best products to offer for food, the best pricing, and let our marketing ability go to work, and see who can make more profit without resorting to something like that.

    sounds like fun though, good luck!

  3. Neville

    50% of the profits go directly to the Texas Entrepreneurs organization no matter which team wins.

    The pizza and wings were 100% free. We distributed them to the other teams patrons so it would “eat” into THEIR profits! Devious huh.

    The Alamo Apprentice is a competition, and it is being FILMED. Therefore we had to make things interesting. We would wear random costumes to meetings etc to make it more interesting to watch. The team rivalry was all part of the act, and our pizza stunt provided for some good film making.

    In real life think about Lowe’s and Home Depot. Lowe’s has a habit of placing giant stores IN THE SAME PARKING LOTS as Home Depots! We simply gave out pizza, we didn’t setup a new movie theater/resturant next door.

    See, real life is even more brutal than this competition!


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