Alternate view: How Can I Have FUN Doing This

It’s happened over and over again…..

Anytime we try to make something all about money, it’s usually kinda boring and not as profitable.

Whenever we try to just make something FUN, it’s a great time AND the money somehow follows:

Next time you’re doing something boring or just for money, try asking the questions, “How can I make this fun for ME?”

….it often opens up a lot of creativity.

Blog posted on: October 26, 2012

8 comments on “Alternate view: How Can I Have FUN Doing This

  1. Mike Kawula

    Awesome message and o so true! See this in sales all the time when you set a goal for the team to hit and the foot just eases off the pedal once its hit because the folks had no fun.

    Don’t know why reminds me of movie The Blind Side and just giving it your best. This is the clip if you haven’t seen it: Zoom to 1:45 in .

    Have fun Oct. 30!

  2. Arik Ermshaus

    I really like the idea “making something fun” because a lot of stuff in business is just work and if you don’t really love what you are doing, you’ll quit pretty soon.

  3. Julian Hawke

    Just the missing piece I needed! Lately, I’ve been taking everything business-related waaaaay to seriously.

    Now, just before writing this, I’ve planted dozens of reminders in my life to be more playful, to have more fun, and to look at things with fresh eyes.

    Thanks again, Sumos!


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