Am I Meeting My Goal On Dec. 31st?

One of the reasons I started this blog was to track if I was meeting, exceeding or falling short of my goals. One of my short term goals was:

By December 31st, 2004, I should have made $5,000 since September.

Am I close? I only have 29 days left, let’s take a look at the money I’ve made and lost since September:

September Business Profit: + $468

October Business Profit: + $459

November Business Loss: $9 (Server was down)

December Business Income: TBA

Profit from Wheaton Sale (WHT): + $567

Profit from Syntel Sale (SYNT): + $776

Loss from V.I. Tech Sale (VITX): – $316

Birthday Money: + $101

Parents: + $240

Work: + $1,398

Total Income: + $4,009

Total Losses: – $325

Total Money Made: $3,684

Money I have to make in the next 29 days: $1,316

I have some money owed to me for webpages, I have two more paychecks coming and I have 400+ profit sitting in stock with the possibility of going further up (or possibly down). The online business will also be rather profitable since it’s the holiday season. Hopefully I can accomplish my goal of $5,000 since September in 29 more days.