Am I Where I Want To Be?

Analyzing myself, am I where I want to be right now? And am I on the track to being where I want to be in five years? NO. I have accomplished a lot more things in my life than the average college student my age, but it is not even close to enough. I have high expectations for myself, and whenever I meet them…I raise them.

I’ve had in my mind a few things to start which I haven’t. I keep blaming school for interfering with my side projects, but that is no excuse.

I need to accomplish these few things within the next few months, definitely before I leave college:

-Videotape traffic patterns, contact traffic engineer researcher on campus and implement my traffic strategy on I-35 with a crew.

-Do research on starting my advertising company idea.

-Start Resumite Personal Sites and make it the largest of its kind on the internet. Fast turnaround, lots of services, upfront/cheap pricing.

-Trademark the name Resumite (even if it gets rejected, at least you now know how).

These few things are accomplishments I would like to have at least tried before I leave college. Even if they all fail they will bring in an untold amount of knowledge and experience. I also want to have the stigma of being a go-getter and someone who GETS THINGS DONE. Laziness and lack of ambition sicken me.

Blog posted on: November 24, 2004

One comment on “Am I Where I Want To Be?

  1. James Pinnell

    I just wanted to say you have inspired me. Reading through all your recent posts, seeing your assets, dollar figures, real money. I’ve always wanted to start my own online business and what better time then now.

    I’m 22, part-time student, part-time worker, living in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve got a girlfriend, some car debt, and some credit card debt (soon to be cleared). I’ve utilised some contacts to find some partners with the same aims/goals/asperations as me, and things are starting to get moving.

    Thanks for your inspiration, its fantastic to see people as young as me working so hard to secure their OWN future.


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