…an accidental way I “socially proofed” my product….with laziness

I’m all frazzled from releasing a new product today….but instead of trying to pitch you (since NevBlog readers aren’t necessarily all the target market of “wantrepreneurs”), I’m gonna show you a “Happy Accident” that occurred.

The SumoBusinessBlueprintLIVE: CASE STUDY EDITION is what I’ve been working on….and it shows people how to first VALIDATE their business ideas before going all-out making it.

Well in one of the emails I sent out….I wanted to “validate” if people even wanted this damn thing.  

So I included this little P.S. snippet…..literally JUST to see the reaction:

Keep in mind, when people reply to that email, it goes to my PERSONAL email.  Not some automated form or anything.

The email went out, and suddenly, I had page-after-page-after-page-after-page of this in my gmail:

….my iPhone damn near blew up when I checked my email!
It’s funny how I was simply tired & lazy, and didn’t feel like making a quick Google Doc for people to express their interest…..so I just told them to send it to my personal email, but I got this email which I found HILARIOUS!

My laziness made me “clever” …..I’ll take it ;-)
P.S.  If you want to see all those sequenced emails that people really liked…..signup your email here and you’ll get them in 24-hour intervals:
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    Blog posted on: March 29, 2012

    4 comments on “…an accidental way I “socially proofed” my product….with laziness

    1. Arik Ermshaus

      Dude, I really think people are twice as motivated about fearing (losing something) instead of a benefit!

      And you used that by saying if no one wants it we don’t release it! GREAT!

      BTW: I did not buy the Live Edition today BUT the Blueprint cuz it’s a better way to start for ME. I already came up with a few cool ideas that I’ll test locally without spending anything!

      I also gave you 5 tacos on AppSumo, really great kourse, Neville!

      Ya know I love your stuff!

    2. Fadi

      This works, I just did the exact same thing for my new webapp launch and started getting replies within few minutes. Thanks for being lazy :)

    3. michael neuvirth

      I bought course about building a course and the video is really poor – I can hear you but I can barely see you
      Do not want to return this – how can I fix it


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