Anti-Goals for 2007

For 2007 I’ve decided NOT to set any goals.

When I was reading the book Good to Great, some successful guy said that people around him would always say, “THIS is going to be the year that (insert goal)” and it would almost never happen. However when someone just shut up and handled their business, good things started following very quickly.

When I was trying to draft some New Years Resolutions, I wrote some down…but they just didn’t sit right…. So I decided I didn’t want any. I still have long-term directions, but for 2007 I shall be for the most part goal-less.

Blog posted on: February 2, 2007

14 comments on “Anti-Goals for 2007

  1. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work Nev. There are some sad, lonely people out there who are totally unable to tell the difference between dressing up as a comedy type china man and being a racist bigot. These people are the truly dangerous ones in our society. See the comment above by lance as an example of one of these loonys who sits in his moms bedroom in his underpants wondering what it would be like to have a real girlfriend.
    Peace Nev. Keep making the money.
    Dave, UK

  2. N

    I think it is better to set goals than not. The trick is to set some achievable goals as well as some hard goals.

    eg. “I’ll go for a walk every day” and not “I’ll run a marathon this year”.

    If you set achievable goals you can do anything because you stay motivated and stay in the game longer and then anything is possible.

  3. Slim

    Funny – this is the first year I’ve set written goals and I’m loving it so far. To each his own I guess.

    “Know where you’re going.
    Or no where you’re going.”

  4. Slim

    Funny – this is the first year I’ve set written goals and I’m loving it so far. To each his own I guess.

    “Know where you’re going.
    Or no where you’re going.”

  5. Anonymous

    First poster: Get a life, dude. Nev can say whatever he wants.

    Nev: Your blog is an inspiration to me. Jealous types will always try to pick apart the work of others.

  6. Rob

    Hey Nev,

    Firstly, what ever happened to free speech? I am glad you continue to update us on your financial progress and explorations. I have found every post interesting and informative. Keep up the good work. People need to remember blogs are one person’s ideas/opinions/jokes and although it may not reflect one’s own opinion the fact of the matter is that its your right. I am offended not by your post but by the fact that some posters respond in such a foolish and hateful manner. If there is a problem with a post, one should be able to convey their concerns much more civilized.

    Thanks and I look forward to your future posts. Hook ‘Em Horns!

  7. Anonymous

    I think I makes no difference whether Nev sets goals or not. When he did set goals, he just kept on pushing them out further into the future at every turn. In the end there were hardly any results.

    Every so often Nev reads someone’s stuff or talks to someone, gets impressed, regurgitates their mantra here in this blog for everyone but that is as far as it goes. Few months fom now, Nev will quote a new guru.

    Anyway, heard that many young Indian people want to move to America because they believe they can do better here. Also from someone who was just there for a month.

  8. N

    There are about 5 people writing original stuff. Some of the most popular blogs are references to other information and usually other blog posts!

    I can think of only one offhand that is even slightly original – Seth Godin. And thats iffy.

    Can anyone come up with original ideas every few days?

    Most blogs are a collection of information filtered from the general floatsom out there.

    The great thing about blogs is you can see how others see the world rather than always looking at it through your own eyes. It’s easier to absorb than to filter.

  9. Anonymous

    NEVille, keep shooting
    for the stars.

    somehow, you’re site is
    quite interesting and
    refreshingly forthright.
    IN A world full of arses,
    you are on your way, it seems
    to me. 2007 Feb. 5, Mon.
    Keep shooting for the stars.

    _________________ THE END.


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