AppSumo and Neville Sittin in a tree….

Ohh boggity!

It’s about time AppSumo wised up and shared with it’s Sumo-lings what it was hoarding…

The information in my “How my HouseOfRave Muse Works” product.

Those greedy Sumo’s wouldn’t post this deal till I showed up at their door with a Katana sword:

Actual depiction of the encounter:

The AppSumo’s checked out all the video How-To’s of how I built a “muse” business (a business that requires little work, can be run from anywhere, and pays for your lifestyle).  They liked what they saw, and knew it would GREATLY benefit their users to see someone “open the curtain” behind their muse.

They agreed: It’s a peek into a business unlike anything else they’ve seen….

The product shows not just how it started, but how all the tiny day-to-day operations work.  Most people are so confused or think this stuff is so hard, THEY NEVER START! This product has helped tons of people have an “AH HA” moment where they realize it’s NOT hard as they think.

The AppSumo’s respected my forcefulness and I am now part of the Sumo clan.  I have also adopted their lifestyle.

Here is my progress after only 1 week of Sumo-style eating:

I totally didn’t use Photoshop on that picture either :-P


I can blow smoke up your ass about my product all day, but here’s what REAL CUSTOMERS had to say (and YES, every last one of these is real):

“Watching these videos -really- makes me want to start tinkering around and get started.”
-Kimberly Grevel

“Nev, just a quick note – I ended up buying this not because I am particularly interested in starting an online drop shipping store but because I already run a business doing online courses. That may not make any sense at all, lol, but I was interested to see how you set up your course (as most people in my field go WAY over complicated and such just for no reason at all other than that’s the way others do it) and I have to say I’m really impressed with your format!  The really straightforward/hanging out way you have this set up is definitely making me take a closer look at how I can make my courses even more fun and interesting!”
-Jerimi Walker

This is really great content man!
-Chris Dunn

“Hi Nev, I’ve been reading Nevblog for a long time now. I really enjoy some of the stuff you post. Its really cool that you share so much of your life with everyone. I especially like the “experiments” that you have done such as when you went homeless, the bottled water experiment, and the affiliate marketing experiment. Anyway, I purchased and watched your videos about House of Rave. I’d love to get a business like this going myself.”
-Travis Hebig

“Its funny, actually how I came to this point. I had come across your blog YEARS ago, I don’t even know how anymore. I thought it was cool how you never had a ‘real’ job, and were so open about sharing what you do. Well, somehow I lost track of your blog, and it wasn’t until last week that I thought about it again, happily found it and added it to my reader. I was also thrilled that you were working on a tell-all program about your HOR business. Seemed the timing was just right for me.”
-Scott J.

“I’m working my way through your videos. They are really good, with a lot of info that I find interesting. I think that the videos allow for more of your personality to show through compared to a post on your blog. Good job on the screen capturing portion of the videos.”
-Michael B.

“I have a few friends who have tried to do similar things, the difference of course being that they have not started and run a successful business like yours, and they don’t have all of the years of feedback and questions to develop a good “course” around it.”
-Adam McFarland
“Neville, finished all the videos. Will watch them again – very good stuff!”
-Scott J.

“I thought to use PayPal like that you needed a merchant account. I’m so glad that’s not the way it is. I’ll be sure to use this info. Your “Do-not-do-it!” video reminded me of my girlfriend doing Amway and made me laugh! Overall this is a great product Nev! Thanks for putting this together!”
-Kimberly Grevel

“I’m really enjoying the Behind the Scenes at HouseOfRave videos. I have been a fan of your blog for a long time, so I thought this might be a way to help repay you a little for all that you share.”
-Michael Baggett

“It took about 2 hours to get through all the great material that Nev has put together. It was worth the time and the money. There are several very valuable snippets of information that are going to help me with my current business and help me create a product based service too. I certainly recommend this product to anyone wanting to improve their financial situation.”
-Kim G.

“Nev, Thanks for the product. I’ve gotten some really good ideas for my own project.”

“I wanted to sleep and read your blog at night, then bought the thing through PayPal now I’m still up! Great stuff Nev seriously!”
-Jason L.

“Another teenager here and long time reader of Nevblog. I figured I’ve wasted more than $37 on textbooks for school that didn’t teach me jack spit, so it was worth the nominal fee. Very cool to see how it all works…and how easy it is. Plus because I actually had to spend money, I am even more motivated to create my own store and earn my investment back.  Don’t worry though, don’t plan on copying HoR ;) Overall cool videos, I’d recommend to anyone reading this right now wondering if they should purchase or not.”
-Jennifer O.

“This is the best course on starting a Internet business that money can buy; bar none. If this doesn’t give you a basis of making money, than nothing will. Neville, you outdid yourself and I only wish Congress could be as transparent as you :-)”
-Michael Monaco

….and there’s TONS more!  These are just the testimonials I got the first week I released this!!


Here’s a video look into the product if you’re STILL not convinced to check it out yet:


When I first released this, it was $37….that price was too low.  Even CUSTOMERS told me they feel they ripped me off cause the price was low!

Now it’s $99 to buy from my blog, but is running a deal on it FOR ONE DAY ONLY.  Check it out before price jacks back up to 99 bones.

I stand by this 100%, and with every purchase you get the right to email me with any questions for a YEAR.


P.S. Could you please Tweet or Facebook the Deal page:

If I get a fantastic response, I’ll do a comprehensive case study on how this “Daily Deal” through AppSumo worked for me.

Blog posted on: June 28, 2011

23 comments on “AppSumo and Neville Sittin in a tree….

  1. Flyer

    Youll be happy to know that I am working my way through your videos.and your post little bit funny but impressive post..
    Have a good time!

  2. TCEP

    Best wishes with the deal. I’m looking forward to the follow up on how it works out and hope HOR can handle the traffic.

    1. Neville

      Thanks…If it does something exceptional, I’ll let everyone know how it went.

      So far so good on the server holding up…no hickups.

      Also I bought several hundred dollars worth of bandwidth for the videos so those should stay up no matter what.

      I also made a contingency plan in case things fail (I’m paranoid like that) :-)

      So far people are really liking the info (one guy even called me to thank me)!

  3. Arron

    Just bought your behind the scenes course on AppSumo and LOVING IT! Great job man.

    Also spent the last hour at work reading your blog!

  4. Jenna

    Hilarious pictures! I purchased your product on AppSumo today because I’m one of those people who always wanted a drop shipping business, but I never started because it seemed really confusing. Looking forward to sharing my new store with you soon!

    1. Neville Post author

      HELL YEA! I love hearing that!

      Every purchase entitles you to a free YEAR of asking me questions on email…so hit me up if you ever have ?’s!

      n e v m e d( a t )g m a i l

  5. Sammy Villarreal


    Another long time reader of your blog and always enjoyed reading about your antics, your Entrepreneurial projects(selling bottled water), your party crashing and of course HOR. Great to find out you created this video series. I’ll probably buy it simply because I’m interested to see a more in depth “behind the scenes” on your HOR business. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn something along the way. Keep that Entrepreneurial fire lit bud!


    1. Neville

      It truly is a unique resource to see behing someone’s business….most people don’t usually get that view unless they personally know someone who has something similar.

      Thanks for being a long term reader….it makes my brain smile :-)

  6. Steven

    Awww man, I was happy with the product but I didn’t realize that there would be shirtless pics! You should have put those behind the paywall. :)

    Seriously though, I wish 2 things:

    1. That you had one long video I could watch.
    2. That you had downloadable versions of these videos that I could take with me more easily. Any chance of that?

    Thanks for the great work!

  7. David ( @cheekybabysling )

    Nev, I bought the Appsumo offer for your video course. Frankly, it was the 4HWW Muse tie in that got me. Loved the book…and I loved your course. Peeking over the shoulder is such a great concept. I guess so many of us are programmed by reality TV. Your course is like a real life reality show. Bass solo is fantastic, you need a monthly video blog to keep customers updated shot at a coffee shop and other assorted settings.

    My only complaint is the lack of a traffic module. You show your Google analytics boldly, and I appreciate your willingness to reveal such granularity right down to the keywords. I would love to see a video on how you generate the 1200 visitors per day. I know you have a 500+ page site plus a blog, plus this blog, plus all your videos…but do you create tons of black hat power linking or article subs or outsourced link wheels etc etc Your customers want to know about traffic. Thanks for showing that more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more money in that video about keyword conversions!

    Have a super time in Vancouver. Your video course is well done, totally underpriced and very easy to consume and take real action on…well done!

    1. Neville Post author

      Wow…that’s TOTALLY going to be a testimonial :-)

      I actually AM doing a traffic module (couple of people requested). I have two videos I’ll be adding to it when I get back from Grand Cayman on the 10th of July.

      Thanks again for the feedback, I even forwarded it to some AppSumo people :-)

    1. Neville

      Absolutely! I encourage you to suck up bandwidth and use it as much as you can.

      People have told me they’ve gone BACK to watch certain videos several times as they were starting a website.

  8. Andy

    Hey Neville,

    I am very interested in purchasing your “behind the scenes of a muse” video course. I’m looking for a muse creating blueprint. Something from scratch, ideally. Would you say that your course is a step-by-step course to creating a muse? If not, do you have any recommendations?


  9. Heidi

    Great course! Oh, and about the pics…

    I’m not sure we can believe you when you say you didn’t Photoshop the pics. I mean, clearly, you didn’t Photoshop the second pic. It’s the first one that I have my doubts about. ;)

    Keep inspiring us!


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