April 2011 Goals

Hmmmpph, I didn’t finish a major part of my March 2011 goals….doing my taxes.

It really doesn’t take that long, it’s just I haven’t done it (I must start having someone do these for me).  So that task has been ported over to April 2011.

I also want to finish those taxes before April 11th because I’ll be going home for a wedding which I’ll be playing guitar at (and I need to practice with my brother beforehand).

So with that, here are the April 2011 goals which sit on my desk:

Not really that big of a work load on the goals end….although this month will DEFINITELY be busy with other stuff.

Will update shortly.

Blog posted on: April 4, 2011

5 comments on “April 2011 Goals

  1. Jason from SocialCheap

    Have fun with the taxes :) Just finished mine… I heard from someone today that they’re issuing record numbers of refunds, so good luck! I’m sure with all of your various businesses you have going on, you’ll have plenty of writeoffs though.

  2. MIhai Rosu

    Hi there and thanks for this interesting and important post.
    Well seems that you have some important goals for this month. I wish you good luck with those taxes.

  3. ross j

    I was able to finish my taxes a month and a half early this year. It felt so good to get it out of the way. I had a large credit coming to me and did a direct deposit with an efile. I got the money back in less than 10 days after the e-file. It was really a shock for me to get it back so quickly. Anything that has to do with the government usually takes 3 times longer that you would expect.

  4. Mano

    Wow. Yes, Me too.I hope I can reach my goals this month. I will plan and execute well next month to make sure that I will be able to meet everything. Good thing I was able to finish my taxes earlier this month. Now, i just have to focus on my projects :)


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