Article On Business Blogging

Today an article I wrote on Business Blogging was published in the Daily Texan, the largest campus newspaper in the nation.

I’d like to thank Murray from Capital Ideas and Charles Kirk from The Kirk Report for their interviews. Capital Ideas was featured in the Personal Finance Blog section, and The Kirk Report (my personal favorite) was featured in the Stock Blog section.

The article was in the Focus section, highlighting the benefits of reading or maintaing a blog for financial purposes. The whole process of writing the article was extremely educational thanks to the staff at the Daily Texan, especially the Focus editor Jonathan McNamara.

Click here to see the article!

Blog posted on: February 9, 2005

7 comments on “Article On Business Blogging

  1. Anonymous

    I graduated from UT in May ’04 with a degree in Finance and still occassionally read the DT online when I get the chance. I saw your article and now I’m hooked on these financial blogs. Maybe I’ll start one of my own! Hook ‘EM!

  2. Neville

    I am glad you liked the article! Keeping and maintaining a fiancial blog will keep your goals on track (and you don’t have to limit them to finances), and reading other blogs will expose you to important knowledge you need to know about your finances.

    It’s never too early to start tracking your financial future!

  3. Anonymous

    I came to your blog because of that article. I found it very interesting that people were taking time to write useful information in blogs and not just monotonous facts about their weekly lives. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and also I’ve found the links in your article very helpful. Thank you.


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