Asset Update

My weekly transfer of…

  • $60 to investment account
  • $40 to permanent savings
  • $10 to spending account

…went through on Friday like it does every Friday. I got a $150 check for some web design which I evenly distributed through the savings, investment and spending accounts. I also get a $300 check sometime next week from work.

Total assets went up $856. Keep in mind that total assets include my business balance, a.k.a. the money I OWE the fulfillment company.

General Account: $1,821

Business Balance: $1,683

Spending Account: $303

Investment Account: $983

Permanent Savings: $5,170

Stock Portfolio Value: $8,134

Credit Card Balance: $0

Total Assests: $18,094

Blog posted on: December 18, 2004

2 comments on “Asset Update

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