August 2011 Goooaaaaaallllssss

Here’s the goal set for August 2011 (forgot to post the on the 1st..d’oh)!

1.) Signup for guitar lessons (again):

I already play the guitar as you can see:

…..but I wanna get BETTER!  I’ve also become exceedingly spoiled with living downtown and not having to drive much… there’s no way in hell I’m going to drive to-and-fro to get lessons.  This means I’ll have a tutor come to my apartment once a week.

The last time I went to guitar lessons I improved dramatically….so hopefully I can do the same, and pickup new styles of guitar too.

2.) The “Write-A-Book-In-Two-Weeks” Experiment.

For some reason I’ve always just wanted to publish a book for no reason other than “I think it’d be cool to say I wrote a book.”

I have no intention to make money off this book, nor do I care if it sells even one copy…..IN FACT this project is likely to just be a big damn waste of time.  The only reason I can think of to spend the time doing this is :

“Cause it sounds cool” :-)

I’ll kick off the project mid-August.  The goal will to “write a full book in 2 weeks” and get a printed copy of it.

I didn’t write it on this goal sheet…..but I also want to start automating a little more.

Blog posted on: August 7, 2011

13 comments on “August 2011 Goooaaaaaallllssss

    1. Neville

      It’s true….most of the “stupid things I just reallllyyy wanted to do” have turned out to be the best ideas I’ve ever had.

      Regardless….I’m just making this book for the pure fun of it….if it sells, great! If not, great!

    1. Neville

      It’ll be like a pamphlet more than a huge book. It’ll be based off blog posts, so it’ll be partially-written already (I know I know…I’mma big cheater) :-)

  1. Matt

    Writing a book is something I’d love to say I’ve done too. So I’ll be following that one closely. And hey, if it’s under $30, I’ll probably buy a copy too.

    As for HoR, have you thought about outsourcing the work? I’m currently in the process of outsourcing a lot of these little menial chores to brickwork india and getfriday. Look them up. They only charge about $12-15/hr.

    And again, thanks for your ‘behind the scenes videos’. You’ve started a new chapter in my life :).

    1. Neville

      Awesome….you can be the one and only person to buy it ;-)

      AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME to know the Behind The Scenes product helped you….that’s my favorite part when it impacts someone’s life!

      I will check those two out (have used something similar before). Will updated on how it goes.

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