Being a GREAT guest, not just a GOOD guest

I’ve bummed at friends places….
And I’ve had friends bum at my place…..

And there’s a distinct difference between certain guests.

Some flat-out suck. They don’t get to stay again.
Some are good.  They’re cool.
Some are GREAT.  I actually PREFER having them over!

Noah and I talk about the differences…..and how to be a GREAT guest:

Blog posted on: August 29, 2012

15 comments on “Being a GREAT guest, not just a GOOD guest

  1. Insiya

    Loving the randomness/diversity of these posts – ’tis making me a regular.

    Some of the stuff about cleaning up, buying/replacing food and doing a little something nice seems a bit obvious – but that’s probably because I have the whole Asian female thing going (hey, we’re allowed to be racist/sexist here on Nevblog right? Don’t be fooled, in real life, I will feminist the sh*t out of you).

    I liked Noah’s idea about the cleaning gift card. About being a great guest and buying tix/ planning stuff to do, that works if you’re an all-out extrovert (like Neville), but for some people it might put them in a weird spot if they already have plans without you (and they don’t want to invite YOU along in return).

    Thanks for a fun 8:57 minutes of procrastination.

    1. Neville

      Glad you enjoy :-)

      We’re gonna put out one a week!

      I think since we’re Asian we have the cleaning up thing down….but I’m often shocked when I have a “Regular White Guy” staying over and they just throw crap around.

      ….so it’s good to just be totally up-front about it first!

  2. Arik Ermshaus

    Great Dojo Man!

    I think you can adapt the topic “being GREAT not GOOD” to alotta things in life… not just the guest kinda thing.

    People will notice if you are a GREAT friend, GREAT guest, GREAT host, GREAT employee …………… !

    1. Neville Post author

      That’s VERY true.

      You know how when two people are talking and they say, “You know who’s pretty amazing…..Arik.”

      ….you WANT to be that guy :-)

  3. Rob

    Hey guys!

    Good to finally see a new video! I’m looking forward to the weekly updates.

    Nev, let me stay at your place! I’d be the best house guest ever, I swear.

    I’ll cook you up some homemade burritos, clean your apartment, drive you around in my sweet rental car, be your spotter at the gym, be your wingman at the clubs, be your shoulder to cry on, take you out somewhere you didn’t even know existed in Austin, tell you lame jokes, and I’ll even make my bed.


    1. Neville Post author

      Well they were really fun to do….but then we just lost the momentum of them. Didn’t feel as fun NOT connecting to everyone once in a while.

      Let us know if you wanna see something in particular!

      nevmed @ gmail


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