Being "Rich"

Many people want to be “rich” in the future so they can do things like: Travel, buy nice cars, support family etc…who wouldn’t?

I believe “rich” means many different things to different people. Here are a few materialistic wants I feel would make me “rich” :

  • Being able to travel to Dubai and lodge, dine and recreate in the Hotel Burj Al Arab for a week with family and friends in a 3-bedroom suite.
  • Being able to buy a $40,000 car without really denting my disposable income.
  • Being prepared and able to buy a $300,000 home in cash.
  • Have enough disposable income to comfortably shop at Nordstrom and other higher-end retailers with a personal shopper.
  • Be financially prepared for all the unexpected expenses life throws my way.
  • Eat Ramen Noodles when I know I can easily afford a 5-star meal.

I’ll share a joke:

“The American Dream is a German Car an Italian wardrobe and a Swiss bank account. “

I think the fun of becoming rich is getting there. I like a good challenge. So until I can do all of the above without breaking a financial sweat, I will be working my a$$ of to achieve it.