Book In Two Weeks – Day 1

Gonna write a book in two weeks……which means at the end of the month I’ll have a book sent to the printers and I’ll be a (self) published author!

….if you don’t count the Homeless Experiment that I posted on Amazon.

Every journey starts with a single step (or some crap like that….) so here goes:

The first step is coming up with a title or concept for the book. I already know the book will be based off experiments on this blog….and most of those experiments are based somehow on money.

I also know the book will have 7 chapters (I only have time to write one chapter a day for about a week).

So the book will be a short collection of 7 different ways I’ve made money.  I originally wanted to keep the book somewhat “Timeless” …..but this would eliminate any mention of internet businesses I’ve created.

The possible experiments to include in the book are:

I’ll pick 7 of those and run with it.

I presume the “point” of the book will be to “expand the mind” of someone looking to make extra money.  Often people are stuck at “Get a job”…..and have no other ideas.  I think this will open people’s minds to business ideas…..much like my Behind The Scenes product opened people’s minds to the fact starting an online business is NOT as complicated as one thinks.

Here’s a Title-Brainstorm:

  • 7 weird ways I made money through college <–I like the best
  • 7 ways I made money without a job
  • 7 stupid ways I’ve made money
  • 7 ways a college student made money
  • 7 rather odd ways I made side-income
  • 7 ways I made side-income without whoring myself out
  • I didn’t want a job so I did this instead to make money
  • 7 random ways I made money without having a job

DAY ONE: Got the title and concept of the book down!  Tomorrow’s step is to figure out what format everything needs to be in to get it printed.

Blog posted on: August 16, 2011

10 comments on “Book In Two Weeks – Day 1

    1. Neville

      I have NO idea…..every once in a blue moon I get some money for it.

      Don’t know.
      Don’t particularly care.

      I just posted it there because I already had it in .doc and .pdf format….it was simple as uploading it to Amazon.

    1. corrieLyn moormann carreno tesoriero

      Your epic fabulousness is costing me $. Instead of writing

      articles, I’m procrastinating here. Come to think of it,

      A.M. isn’t very lucrative, so maybe you can give me some

      of your superduper tips or hire me.

  1. corrieLyn moormann carreno tesoriero

    how’s the great american indian neville novel coming along?

    How are the conversions for your product? Wooeee…that’s

    some promotion. Just don’t go all “I.M.” on me and get

    serious. Ha. You are actually more inspiration than slacking

    for me. After last visit, my article was Why go to Paris&

    Milan Fashion Shows When You Can Just go to the Airport?


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