Boston Visit

I was toying around with the idea of moving, but Austin is just such a great place to be. My potential criteria matched three places, and before I knock it out of contention, I want to visit Boston for a while to see how it feels. So this Wednesday I’m going for about a week.

Oct. 4th (Wednesday) – Oct. 10th (Tuesday)

If anyone with an interesting story wants to meet up, please contact me. I’d love to visit some local companies, see how things are run etc…

Also, if anyone knows of any big events or high profile parties going down in Boston from Oct. 4th till 10th, I’d appreciate a heads up. A large purpose of this trip is to make new contacts, so if you’ve got any leads, let me know!

Blog posted on: October 2, 2006

7 comments on “Boston Visit

  1. Anonymous

    “Accumulate somewhere near $1,000,000 in liquidable assets by age 27. This includes cash savings and stock.”

    tick, tock nev.

  2. Anonymous

    You really have no idea what its like struggling through a long winter do you? (the grass is always greener…)

    Don’t learn the hard way- Boston is nice- I’ve visted often- but I would pick Austin anyday- cheaper too.

    Getting ready to hibernate to Michigan myself!

  3. Anonymous

    Neville’s Financial Blog,
    Besides Boston and Austin, where else might you go?

    BTW, my blog is now over 1.5 years old, and you were the first person to leave me a comment,

    This comment is part of my 100 Comments Series over at No Credit Needed.


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