Bought GE

I bought 30 shares of General Electric (GE) at $35.50 for my longterm portfolio. This was only a $1,075 purchase of stock, but I’ve learned to place several smaller orders at different times rather than one big order.

This purchase was slightly before GE reported earnnings, stating an 18% increase in revenue.

Looking back at this post, it is clear why I want this company in my longterm portfolio. GE is involved in everything from MRI machines to jet engines.

I will add to this position as the market dictates.

Blog posted on: January 24, 2005

2 comments on “Bought GE

  1. ynot

    When the scope of the full story of PCBs GE dumped, buried and hid in any way possible is finally made public, you will have many opportunities to average down on GE stock. When it’s a teenager, I’d buy a few shares and average down from there. The lid is just beginning to come off the treachery GE used to cover up their dumping of PCBs in the NorthEast part of America.

  2. Anonymous

    Good luck pal….you will need it. True story is that GE is only a shell of what it once was. Quality? Forget about it. The real story is how pittiful their products are today. So many friends and neighbors have GE appliances only to see them fail at 5 years or less. Strategy seems clear…manufacture inferior products, provide skinny base warranty, sell them on the “extended warranty (more $$), deny coverage like insurers always do.

    Gotta run…I have to change that GE light bulb that burned out after only 45 days of occasional use. Will replace with a brand I can trust.


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