Business Etiquette Tips

At several recent meetings I noticed some common business etiquette mistakes people make. These are a few tips I have for everyone out there:

Tip #1 : Wear nametags on your right side. Since most people shake your right hand, it is easier for people to covertly scan for your name if positioned on the right.

Tip #2 : Remember names. It looks bad on your part to repeatedly ask for a name when you have met the person over and over again. Still having trouble? Try using the their name three times during a conversation. Once when you first meet them, once during the conversation and once when you both depart.

Tip #3 : Carry business cards, everywhere. If you are still writing your phone number on used paper napkins, get some business cards made. is a great place to start. Whipping out a simple business card with your name, phone number and email looks oh-so professional.

Blog posted on: February 9, 2005

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