Business Golf

Today when golfing with friends I realized how much I like golf just for the business aspect of it. The comfortable, open and semi-formal aura of the golf course makes it an ideal spot for personal and business talk.

On another note,

Everytime I view NevBlog, I feel it emulates The Kirk Report more and more. This is not a bad thing since I greatly respect his dedication to the market and desire to help the little guy.

Blog posted on: December 13, 2004

One comment on “Business Golf

  1. Duke


    Sorry to take so long to get with you, but if you like golf and talking business then you will like Business Golf. But you need to know how to play business golf. In my book How To Play Business Golf I outline exactly how to go about it. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to my new book, How To Get A ROI From Golf.

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