Buying General Electric

For the last couple of days I’ve had a limit order to buy General Electric (GE) at $35.00. It is on a downtrend right now, and it looks as if $35.00 will be approched within the next few days. After I buy (if it hits), I plan to hold GE for the next few years. I expect to buy at $35, and take a loss on the stock for a little while.

The downtrend appears it will continue for a few more days before leveling out and possibly going up. Let me know what you think!

Blog posted on: January 11, 2005

One comment on “Buying General Electric

  1. Anonymous

    Ge currently has consultants from Price Waterhouse Coopers’s merger and acquisition division in Schaumburg, IL reviewing the Conumer Finance Partnership Marketing Group. GE plans to sell this group to the highest bidder. The only problem is that they have 3 insurance ocmpanies in this division that GE could not get rid of because of questionable balances on the companies


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