Buying Opportunity?

Stocks have been down quite bit the last few days. My unexperienced, non-credible opinion is: Investors have taken their profits from the recent uptrend in the market, and are a little apprehensive to buy at the moment.

I feel the same way. The good thing is, I am starting to feel the next few weeks will be a prime purchase point. I believe this year will be an up year, but much slower than the last.

Right now I have my eye on: ge, agh, axr, brn, bpt, cmbc, crt, nobh

I have put a limit buy order on GE for my longterm portfolio. If the price is right, Ameritrade will trigger my trade automatically. I plan to buy only longterm stocks this year.

On an unrelated topic, I go back to my apartment in Austin on Wednesday or Thursday…for my last semester of college!