Buying Opportunity?

Stocks have been down quite bit the last few days. My unexperienced, non-credible opinion is: Investors have taken their profits from the recent uptrend in the market, and are a little apprehensive to buy at the moment.

I feel the same way. The good thing is, I am starting to feel the next few weeks will be a prime purchase point. I believe this year will be an up year, but much slower than the last.

Right now I have my eye on: ge, agh, axr, brn, bpt, cmbc, crt, nobh

I have put a limit buy order on GE for my longterm portfolio. If the price is right, Ameritrade will trigger my trade automatically. I plan to buy only longterm stocks this year.

On an unrelated topic, I go back to my apartment in Austin on Wednesday or Thursday…for my last semester of college!

Blog posted on: January 9, 2005

One comment on “Buying Opportunity?

  1. Anonymous

    This year will also be the year MSFT will pickup. Lots of stuff coming out and also the stock has been beaten down for a while.


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