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2 Month Six Pack Experiment Results

It’s been 2 full months since I started the six pack experiment, 2 full months with MyBodyTutor, and I’ve gotta say: I’M LOVING IT!

I’ve encountered every excuse to eat horribly like travelling, being extremely busy, going back home, going to parties, drinking alcohol, not having healthy food in the house, being at unhealthy restaurants….all these problems in the past used to hold me back from achieving any real results.

Now I’m breezing through them like nothing.

The first month was the real test, the 2nd month was a lot easier…mainly just making sure I don’t slip back into old habits, and I’m going on a third month now.  After doing this for a solid 90 days, I’m pretty sure eating healthier will be a lifelong habit.

I DID NOT go on a diet.
I DID NOT starve myself.
I DID NOT try some fad.
I simply stayed CONSISTENT with eating “good stuff” rather than “bad stuff.”

Enough rambling, here’s some pictures I took this morning:

Full disclosure:
It’s absolutely impossible to take shirtless/flexed pictures of yourself in the mirror and NOT look like a douchebag.

To continue the douchebaggery, I have included a video (you might even notice the before & after haircut)!  The 1st part of the clip was taken in the morning, the 2nd part was taken immediately after a big dinner).

I think you can pretty clearly see the 6-pack making an appearance:

So I’d say eating this way has definitely changed the way I look.  I once again thank Adam for helping me on this, and will continue this experiment for another month.

It’s unbelievable what these small changes in my diet have accomplished so quickly!

If this is your first time seeing the Six Pack Experiment, checkout some of the earlier posts that may be helpful:

Here’s also an audio you can listen to (I often record these audios then turn them into a post):

Not caring about food

It seems like a lot of attention is paid to food.

Food is just temporary fuel for your body.

Food is temporary pleasure, but its longterm effect on your body is quite large.

Stupid old cliche or real statement?  I think it’s pretty accurate.

For the Getting A Six Pack Experiment, in roughly 5 weeks I lost around 17 lbs total….and I wasn’t really fat to begin with. That’s a LOT of weight in NOT A LOT of time, HOORAY!

…did I also mention that I was working out LESS than I normally do that whole time?

So I was working out less, but got dramatic weight loss results FAST. Obviously something had changed, and it was my CHOICE of foods.

No no no….I didn’t STOP EATING food, that would just be silly…like not filling up your gas tank and expecting your car to run. Instead, I gave my car premium fuel instead of the shit I was previously putting in.

Eating healthy is NOT expensive….buying packaged foods that say “Healthy” on the label IS expensive. The best part is, those foods AREN’T healthy at all, so you don’t need to buy them!

Why eat them if they’re more expensive AND not healthy?

I primarily ate raw foods for this experiment, and the transition wasn’t exceedingly hard when I made up my mind not to eat any super-high calorie items that weren’t good for me (although it took some see-sawing first).

If you can’t do this yourself, you might want to checkout what Adam at MyBodyTutor offers.  I knew I couldn’t do this myself, that’s why I signed up with the service…it keeps you in check everyday, and soon it becomes a habit that ISN’T hard to keep.

Adam didn’t recommend me to eat mainly raw foods…I was already doing it before I called him (I must’ve been one of his easiest clients since I was already eating so well)!

One of the main things I’ve learned through this experiment was controlling what I ate was more mental than anything.  I’m the variety of person that DOESN’T eat when I feel emotions such as happiness or sadness (fat people tend to be the opposite)…if you have that problem, you DEFINITELY might consider Adam’s help.   However I still had the “Food as a reward” thing going on in my head.

Successes were celebrated with big meals, and special occasions usually indicated a big feast was coming.  I’m all for celebrating victories, but stuffing-myself-silly slowly and slowly seems less attractive.  Why ruin a good victory by running myself down….what’s the point?


P.S.  I actually first recorded this post, unscripted, on audio.  I kind of like doing the audio thing now.  The audio and post don’t really talk about the same thing at all.  Here it is (click play):

The End/Continuation Of The Getting A Six-Pack Experiment

Well, one month has gone by since I started this out.

In that month I (rather easily) lost over 15 lbs simply by eating correctly.  I also worked out, but I’d say this month I actually worked out A LOT LESS than I normally do.

I did a pretty standard 30 minutes on a elliptical machine almost everyday plus the exercises I was instructed to do….but that takes only 45 minutes or so and is fairly low intensity.

So here is the result:

One day I’ll find a proper way to take these pictures…..

One thing I’m happy about is I no longer have those annoying love handles on my sides.  Overall I don’t think my current physique is that bad….but it’s not a raging six-pack either.  Son of a…..

At the start of this experiment, Adam clearly stated that I was expecting some pretty phenomenal results in a VERY short amount of time…he said two months would be more realistic….although in one month I could make a lot of progress.  I think he may have been right (this is what I get for trying to argue with a professional).

Naturally I want to continue this experiment….but for OTHER reasons than simply getting a six pack (although that too).

So far:

  • I feel a lot better
  • My six pack is starting to peer through the fat
  • I dropped a lot of extra chubbiness
  • I’m stronger and more fit


The benefits I listed above were from two things:

  1. Eating really well all the time
  2. Consistently exercising

With the benefits I listed, I can’t see any reason to simply go back to eating crap.  Actually, I tried it the other day…and it didn’t turn out so great.  I decided “Hey, I’ve eaten so well for a full month, what’s the harm in pigging out a little at a party?

I was at a party and started eating all the junk I normal do at parties, and soon I felt way too full, sluggish, and knew that everything I just put in my body was total junk and doing nothing for me.  There were literally NO positive benefits to eating all that junk.  Even the temporarily pleasing taste didn’t do anything for me.

I can’t believe I never noticed these bad effects before….probably because I’ve never NOT eaten a bunch of junk at a party….so I’d never known any different.

I suppose in my mind I figured you go to a party and come back stuffed, slow and fat.  That’s just how it was done.


So while the OFFICIAL time constraint of this one month experiment has finished, I want to continue….and in fact I want to UP the intensity of this whole experiment. While I got away with easily melting off the excess fat in the beginning….getting even stronger and slimmer will become more difficult now.

For May I’m adding more exercises in the mix (and of course keeping up my good eating habits).

So far I’ve done something pretty intense three times:  Bikram Yoga.

It’s 90 minutes of yoga in a room heated to 105 degrees.  Within the first 5 minutes you’re sweating like a fat pig.  Literally dripping sweat like a football team dumped a bucket of Gatorade on your head.

It’s very intense, but FANTASTIC.

How will it be in the long run?  Who knows….but I’ll try it out every other day for a little while to see what happens.

I’ve been to Bikram Yoga now about 3 or 4 times and it’d definitely one of the more intense exercises.  It also stops you from eating too much before you go, and it burns a ton of calories (Between 700 and 1,000 calories each 90 minute session).  WOW.

….and I bike to and from the class each time.  I’d say I’m burning 1,000 to 1,200 calories each time I go.  Keep in mind I’m also eating less than 1,500 calories per day…so my net calorie intake is less than 500 for yoga days.  This means each time I do this I can realistically lose nearly 3/4 of a pound that day.

That sounds like some scammy diet plan, but it’s true!

That effect will probably continue to happen until my body fat is down to a very low percentage….and what happens then?  SIX PACK TIME!!!

Exercises for the Six Pack Experiment

For the Getting A Six Pack Experiment there were two requirements for me to achieve washboard abs:

  1. Lose fat
  2. Gain ab muscle

Losing fat was most important so I could SEE the muscles underneath.  No matter how big your ab muscles are, even a small amount of fat covering them will still hide them.

So MyBodyTutor set out an ab exercise routine for me….nothing crazy, and it didn’t require a gym or extra equipment (which is good because I could do them a home if needed).

At first they said I should be doing 10-15 repetitions for each set, but ideal was 20 repetitions….it took me about 1 1/2 weeks to work up to that level.

The first week I would go through the paces, and my abs would literally give out on the 10th or 15th repetition of each exercise.  It was nearly impossible to get through the whole thing without hunching over in pain (the good kind of I-Feel-Good-Because-I-Exercised pain).

After doing this nearly every day (I was told to do this routing 4-5 times per week) I started getting “immune” to the exercises and increased my repetitions.  Within no time I was doing 20 of each repetition, and 3 of each set…for a total of 180 situp variations per session. My abs would get nice and sore from this (once again, the GOOD kind of sore).

Adam told me my abs should ALWAYS be sore after each session or I’m not working them hard enough.

After a while of doing these diligently (and doing random ab exercises throughout the work day), 20 of each got me tired, but not sore. I thought I’d add weight or more repetitions (which gets a little boring), but Adam told me something that REALLY helped:

Simply hold each one for 2 seconds!

So instead of going up, then down…I’d go up, pause for 2 seconds, go down.  THIS KICKED MY ASS!!

It was actually unbelievable what a difference this made.  Usually by repetition number 5 or 10 I was hunched over groaning from this extra load….and it didn’t require any extra equipment or much more time.

So what are these magical exercises that transformed the strength of my abs?  Let’s take a gander:

Bicycle Situps:

Each set: 20
Number of sets: 3

  • Pull your opposing elbow and knee together (try to hold it there for a second or two)
  • Go back down (both elbow and knee)
  • Repeat with other elbow and knee

Knee Bends:

Each set: 20
Number of sets:

  • Support yourself with your hands behind you
  • Lift legs and chest towards each other
  • Stretch back out
  • Slowly let legs down
  • *Note* This one is even better if you do it off a bench

Foot Reaches:

Each set: 20
Number of sets:

  • Hold legs up in air (I can’t physically stretch my legs straight up)
  • With one hand reach up and touch your toe
  • Pause for a second or two while touching your toe
  • Go back down
  • Repeat with other hand

After doing this routine about 5 times per week, I could already feel the size increase of my abs.  The top part of my abs (near the bottom of my rib cage) had grown in….and I had previously never even SEEN those muscles before!

These exercises worked great for me and my particular purpose, but if you’re a big ole fatty looking to lose weight, these exercises alone probably won’t work for you becaaaauusseee….(click play to listen):

I’m A Freak? I’ll Take That As A Compliment…

Before starting the Getting A Six-Pack Experiment I wanted some professional advice to get me in shape in one month (sounds impossible). Originally I was going to hire a personal trainer, but Adam (whom I’ve actually never met in person, just through his blog) has a quite successful business called MyBodyTutor which is sort of like a “virtual” personal trainer you can use from anywhere….this was WAY more appealing since I didn’t have to travel to a gym in a far away land every day…and it turned out to be a MUCH better choice.

Here is what Adam has said about the experience working with me so far:

Right off the bat I want you to know one thing: Nev is a freak!

And when I say freak, I mean that in a very endearing way. He is absolutely a freak of nature, an anomaly and most definitely someone who marches to the beat of his own drums.

We all know and love Nev for his crazy experiments that he is brave enough to endure while we get to sit back and watch from the comfort of our own chairs and be entertained. Except this time would be different…

Nev reached out to me, wanting to join MyBodyTutor for an upcoming experiment. Before he’d tell me his goals though, he insisted I work with him – no matter what. So without knowing what the experiment would be, and for the sake of his fascinating experiments, I nervously agreed.

When Nev told me he wanted a six-pack in 30 days I told him he was crazy. But that didn’t stop Nev.

It would take extraordinary effort to achieve extraordinary results in such a short period of time. By definition, it’s impossible to sustain extraordinary effort for more than a few months at a time.

I know why Nev made me agree to work with him first. Because he knows I’m all about realistic, sustainable and healthy diets. If it’s not, you won’t be able to stay consistent.

After all, getting the body you want is about 3 things: Eating right. Exercising. And doing those 2 things consistently. That’s it!

Unfortunately, it’s the consistency part that’s so hard. It’s just too easy to make excuses and procrastinate. It’s even easier to lie to ourselves, and rationalize poor eating and a lack of exercise.

Consistency is hard enough! Consistency with an insane diet/workout is almost impossible.

The diet Nev is following is absolutely extreme. For normal people (like me) I don’t recommend it. His calories are very low; and his physical activity is very high.

In fact, since starting MBT, and having worked with hundreds of people of all ages, sizes and shapes, I haven’t had one client like him. I say this because I can’t stand “lose 10,000 pounds in 10 days” type schemes. They make my skin crawl and I can see how someone who is just checking out NevBlog for the first time might find his results so far unbelievable.

Nev has been able to do this by changing his diet and exercise, and of course, doing that consistently. (Yes, much easier said than done!) If he had asked about fat loss supplements, etc., I wouldn’t have worked with him. But he didn’t.

He’s a great client and is willing to do the hard work in the kitchen and in the gym meal by meal, workout by workout and day by day.

That was very motivating to me, thanks Adam!  :-)

Maybe 2 years ago I thought the eating routine I’m on was crazy, but now it just seems normal.  The REASON I’m getting “so few calories” is because the stuff I’m eating has very few calories yet still fills me up….I don’t think I could POSSIBLY ingest enough of the healthy foods I eat to get me over 2,000 calories per day.

…for this reason it’s been remarkably easy to lose weight so quickly (Down to 151 lbs from 165 already).

However, like Adam said: CONSISTENCY is the big key here.  Eating well for 2 days then going nuts on day 3 won’t really do much. MyBodyTutor was definitely the thing that has kept me consistent.  The daily professional feedback on all my meals, letting me know which exercises to do and more importantly, the mental motivation to not eat crap (I didn’t realize how powerful the mental side of that actually is).

Anyways, I’d like to sincerely thank you Adam for your help on this experiment, it has definitely been a success already because of you!

Six Pack Experiment – Day 20 Update

So just 20 days into this Getting A Six Pack Experiment I’m down about 12 pounds and up in muscle (especially in the abs).

These pictures don’t do it justice, but when flexed the six-pack is definitely coming in nicely…it’s starting to poke its head out!

Not bad for 20 days!

My abs are definitely stronger and harder than they’ve ever been.  When I press against them they’re completely solid.  The top part of the abs have also developed for the first time, and I’m seeing “new” muscle I’ve previously never seen before!

Pretty cool what just a few simple exercises and STICKING with my healthy eating plan can do in just 3 weeks.

Vodka Salad for Healthy Drinking

Oh crap, this is a tricky situation….
…My friends are going out tonight and most likely we’ll all be drinking…
…I love doing that…
…it’s tons of fun!…
…but I’ve been eating SO WELL  these last few days and I don’t want to blow it!

Those are typical thoughts I had during this Getting A Six-Pack Experiment….what’s worse is I live Downtown now, so 6th Street and literally 200+ bars are all within a two minute walk (or stumble) from here.

To Drink?


Not To Drink?

Well like any normal human being I like to have my cake and eat it too….so I’ve found a pleasing compromise by doing a little research:


….a big night of drinking starting at 10PM and going till 3AM could involve:

  1. Eating a decent sized (but not too big) meal to make sure I don’t get hit by the liquor too quickly.
  2. One Blue Moon beer
  3. A mixed shot from bar with all sorts of sweeteners
  4. One Dos Equis beer
  5. One rum and Coke
  6. One vodka and Red Bull
  7. One vodka and Red Bull
  8. One Irish Car Bomb (Guiness beer + a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream and quick chug)
  9. One vodka and Red Bull
  10. One Rum and Coke
  11. One Blue Moon beer
  12. After all the drinking naturally most of crave REALLY HEAVY FOOD, and I’m no different.  I’ll usually go out for street food and get two giant slices of pizza or a giant bratwurst sausage loaded with sauerkraut and all the condiments.

Now this seems excessive, but over a 5 hour span this is probably LESS than most people drink on a crazy night….technically that’s only 2 drinks per hour which doesn’t seem like much.  This would just keep a person in a relatively buzzed but not-overly-drunk state (depending on who you are).

Now let’s do some quick math with this same night:

  1. Eating a decent sized (but not too big) meal to make sure I don’t get hit by the liquor too quickly. (Chips + queso + quesedilla) 800 calories (and I’m being conservative on that one)
  2. One Blue Moon beer (171 calories)
  3. A mixed shot from bar with all sorts of sweeteners (120 calories)
  4. One Dos Equis beer (130 calories)
  5. One rum and Coke (182 calories)
  6. One vodka and Red Bull (177 calories)
  7. One vodka and Red Bull (177 calories)
  8. One Irish Car Bomb (Guinness beer + a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream and quick chug) (237 calories)
  9. One vodka and Red Bull (177 calories)
  10. One Rum and Coke (182 calories)
  11. One Blue Moon beer (171 calories)
  12. After all the drinking naturally most of crave REALLY HEAVY FOOD, and I’m no different.  I’ll usually go out for street food and get two giant slices of pizza or a giant bratwurst sausage loaded with sauerkraut and all the condiments. (I’d say each slice is 400-500 calories…for a VERY CONSERVATIVE total of 850 calories).

Oh…my….god.  I don’t even want to do the math because I’m scared.

Calories from drinks: 1,724
Calories from drinking-related foods:  1,650
Total Calories from a night out: 3,374


That figure doesn’t even include what you ate before that night out, or what fatty-ass foods you’ll eat when you wake up hungry for heavy foods (which alcohol tends to do).

To give you some perspective, a person like me is supposed to eat 2,000 calories per day at MOST unless there’s some insane amount of working out you do.

Currently during this experiment I’m only taking in 800 to 1,300 calories PER DAY….but on a drinking  night out I might take in 3,000+ calories in a few hours!!! Is this blowing your mind yet!?!?!

No wonder people get so damn fat from years of drinking!  It loads you up with empty calories that DON’T make you full or give you any nutritional value, plus it ALSO makes you hungry for super heavy foods. Double whammy.


….I’ve found a cure to get rid of all those calories:

Don’t drink.  Simple.






HAHAHAHAHA!! Yea right!  We’re trying to have our cake and drink it too!

So after my research I’ve come upon the drinks that have the fewest calories:

  • Unflavored and clear vodka’s, rums, gins etc.  If it’s clear and unflavored, it’s in the 90 to 110 calorie range.  Each shot is considered (1.5 oz)
  • Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light….anything “Light” has around 110 calories.
  • Club soda.  If you NEED a mixer for that vodka, either get water or club soda….NOT tonic water (it’s the same amount of calories as a soft drink).

Well…those are the lowest calorie things I could find.  Anything with flavoring or color in it has other additives that add calories and sugar or other crap.  So I decided for this experiment that if I was going to drink, it’d be either straight vodka or rum (possibly with club soda) or “Light” beers.

Ok, so that sounds pretty boring, and like my get a cool plate post, I want to encourage you to make a cool drink!

So I started making these vodka and fruit concoctions I’ve affectionately termed as “Vodka Salad”.

I simply start by taking a fun glass and filling it with 1 shot (1.5 oz) of vodka:

Then I do what seems gross but actually tastes great and tear up a clementine and dump it inside the vodka:

I even squeeze some of the clementine pieces so they leak their juices into the vodka for taste.  You can add ice or water as filler.  You end up getting a great tasting, low calorie, nutritious, and cool-looking drink!

What’s even more cool is you get “Vodka Candy Pieces” when you eat the fruit!

I add all sorts of things into the drinks when I’m at home, one of my favorite fillers is grapes:

So far these Vodka Salad’s are what I’ve been drinking at home if we have a party.  At first people are like, “Ummm, WHAT are you doing?”  Then pretty soon they’re saying, “Ummm, can I have some of that fruit…please?” as they pick vodka-infused fruit from my glass like candy.

If you’re going to drink while trying to lose weight, I’d suggest follow these few quick tips:

  • Compensate for drinking at night by eating very low calorie through the day.
  • For liquor: Drink clear and unflavored vodka, rum or gin.
  • For beer: Stick to anything with “Light” in the name.
  • Skip that late night meal.
  • Load your drinks with fruit if possible.

Bottoms up!

My Jeans Don’t Fit At All

The jeans I wear all the time don’t stay up, not even close…I need to cinch my belt all the way to keep them from falling.

I’m also at 151 lbs AND have gained muscle.  I haven’t weighed 151 lbs since early high school.

Adam, whatever you have me doing in these last 16 days for this experiment has been working big time.

The 6-Pack Experiment Response Has Been Awesome

Wow…I started this six-pack experiment just to see if I could get ripped in a month…but it seems  A LOT of interest has been generated amongst my personal circle of friends (and others).

Generally when I start an experiment (such as the homeless experiment) I get a lot of negative or so-so feedback…until after it’s done, then everyone says it was cool.  Not for this.

Without trying to influence anyone to do this, I’ve already got a ton of people starting to eat differently……apparently losing weight and getting in shape is a common goal many people have…who woulda thunk it!

I have a feeling once people see the END RESULTS even more people will try.

So one of the things Adam (my awesome virtual personal trainer) told me was 3,500 calories = one pound of fat.

This means if I stay in a 500 calorie deficiency for a week, I lose one pound.  At that rate I’d lose 4 pounds during this experiment.  However I’ve gone beyond that…every day I’ve been in a 500 to 1,300 calorie deficiency…on average about -1,000 per day.

This means in one month I’ll lose approximately EIGHT pounds…which is a lot considering I’m not fat to begin with. And here’s the common question EVERYONE asks:

“But aren’t you hungry ALL THE TIME?!?”

The answer is NO!  Not at all!  …..but how?

It’s simple. I used to eat a bunch of junk that had lots of calories but super-low nutritional value.  Now I eat roughly the same amount of stuff, but more stuff that has HIGH nutrition and super-low calories.  This is why I’m eating mainly raw foods such as fruits/vegetables/nuts….because they’re all GOOD for you (those old cliches are often right) and have very few calories.  This means I get full, with LESS calories.

Have I given up meat?  NO!
Have I given up processed foods? NO!
Have I given up alcohol? NO!

However I’m eating A LOT less of anything with high calories….so naturally I’m eating WAAAY LESS of the above.

My roommate who joined me in this experiment (without me asking) told me one thing:

“One thing I’ve noticed is that every time you eat something, it LOOKS really good….and I think it’s because you have a cool plate.”

I realized a long time ago when I learned how to make really cool-looking alcoholic drinks that you FIRST eat with your eyes. I would make a normal drink (such as pineapple juice and vodka), but put it in a funky martini glass rimmed with sugar and garnished with a wedge of pineapple….then drop a cherry in the bottom for added effect and call it a “Cherry Love Bomber” or some stupid made-up name.  NONE of those additions changed the taste of the drink, but I got a reputation for “knowing how to make REALLY GOOD drinks” because I simply dressed them up in nice clothes.

Same goes for food.

Below are similar things, but one’s dressed better than the other (and by dressed, I mean in a cooler looking plate):

Ehhh…looks like boring-ass healthy food:

Now THAT looks sexy and delicious!:

Damn, just looking at that makes me want a piece:

Now doesn’t that look more fun and appetizing!?  It seems completely stupid since it doesn’t change the taste one iota….but tell that to all the people who drank one-too-many of my dressed-up-drinks “because they looked so good!”

Would you rather have this for lunch:

Or THIS slick meal for lunch (which has only 250 calories):

And even if you don’t have a slick plate like me (which I bought at a local Asian market for $10) you can always try to sex up a regular plate:

….although that’s much harder.  Plus regular plates are TOO BIG.  It makes you feel like you’re not eating anything and encourages you to slop more on there.

I also recently bought this small bamboo serving tray from Whole Foods….it’s a TINY tray that barely holds much, but holds enough for a small snack.  Ever sit on the couch with an entire bag of Cheetos??  I used to….and I wish I used this plate instead:

I can hardly fit a small bag of carrots or 2 clementines on there….PERFECT FOR SNACKING!  You literally can’t get much on there, plus it looks cool:

Buy a cool serving dish….you’ll love it.

It’s just a tiny and painless start to eating a little better.

Throw In A Monkey Wrench for Six-Pack Experiment

For most of the year I live in a house about 5 miles away from Downtown Austin.  This house is nice, spacious and a drive away from everything, so controlling what I eat in that area is easy.

However nearly every summer I get a place smack in the middle of Downtown (like the 4,000 sq. ft. 6th Street loft I had for a few months) just for fun.  This year I have a place on 9th Street for a few months, just walking distance to everything I need and everything fun!  I also have a car and scooter in case I need to go further.

Now when a person lives Downtown, it automatically opens you up to having parties, hosting guests and going downtown more often….and eating crappier more often….plus Austin is considered the “Hardest Drinking City In America“!

There’s late-night junk food places a-plenty around this area…and I do love me some junk food.  However at the same time I’ll be living in this area, I’ll ALSO be doing this six pack experiment.  So this will be a definite experiment with self control.

It also STOPS people from saying, “Ohh, it’s easy to eat like that where YOU live”…because that’s definitely not the case anymore.

I’ve already been out to several family friends house where there was good-food-galore, but I’ve found it very easy to abstain from eating junk….mainly because of what I’ve learned from Adam.

Anyhow, here’s a quick tour of the Downtown place…two things to keep in mind:

  • I say “you won’t find soda in this fridge” but there’s clearly a Coke in there…that was from the previous guy who lived here…must remember to throw that out.
  • I have this place for about 2 months, and still have my other place 5 miles from Downtown