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June 2018 Goals

Here are the goals for June 2018:


This month I’ll also be going to HustleCon in SF, and staying in SF for all of July and August (Austin is way too hot right now)!

March 2018 Goals

Here are the goals for March 2018:

march 2018 goals

Consults Auto System: Already mostly implemented, but whole flow is automated, taking me out of the scheduling process and making it far easier to fit times in.

FB 1,000 Auto: FB stuff. 50 Each: Adding 50 examples minimum to every swipe file section.

December 2017 Goals

Here are the goals for December 2017:

I’m trying to make it to yoga 10 times this month. I felt like an old man recently when my back started to hurt.

I asked some doctor friends about it, and got back this dead-simple diagnosis of why this is happening:

Doctor: “So you’re telling me you work at a computer 8+ hours a day and have done zero stretching or flexible activities for over a year?”

Me: “Yes.”

Doctor: “And you’re wondering why your back hurts?!?”

So hitting up yoga on a regular basis should help solve this, and encourage more flexy activities :)

November 2017 Goals


1.) Hosting Content School in San Francisco Nov. 10th/11th, 2017.

2.) Currently running several 4-variation test and super curious to see which wins :)

3.) Recording more screencap vids.

4.) Give a great Con Con speech (forgot to write on initial version)

September 2017 Goals

Here’s my goals for September 2017:

1.) I’ve been making more video for current KopywritingKourse members.

2.) I’ve been bumming in San Francisco for a bit now, and haven’t read a single book here despite having several on my list. ┬áNeed to get back in the habit of a daily Amish Hour dedicated to reading or strategic planning.

3.) I want to hire a salesperson to sell KopywritingKourse.  The business is great at drumming up sales organically, now I want someone to go out and drum up even more.