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December 2017 Goals

Here are the goals for December 2017:

I’m trying to make it to yoga 10 times this month. I felt like an old man recently when my back started to hurt.

I asked some doctor friends about it, and got back this dead-simple diagnosis of why this is happening:

Doctor: “So you’re telling me you work at a computer 8+ hours a day and have done zero stretching or flexible activities for over a year?”

Me: “Yes.”

Doctor: “And you’re wondering why your back hurts?!?”

So hitting up yoga on a regular basis should help solve this, and encourage more flexy activities :)

November 2017 Goals


1.) Hosting Content School in San Francisco Nov. 10th/11th, 2017.

2.) Currently running several 4-variation test and super curious to see which wins :)

3.) Recording more screencap vids.

4.) Give a great Con Con speech (forgot to write on initial version)

September 2017 Goals

Here’s my goals for September 2017:

1.) I’ve been making more video for current KopywritingKourse members.

2.) I’ve been bumming in San Francisco for a bit now, and haven’t read a single book here despite having several on my list.  Need to get back in the habit of a daily Amish Hour dedicated to reading or strategic planning.

3.) I want to hire a salesperson to sell KopywritingKourse.  The business is great at drumming up sales organically, now I want someone to go out and drum up even more.

August 2017 Goals

Here’s my goals for August 2017:


All of August I’ll be living in San Francisco (it’s hot AF in Austin during August so I’m leaving), and will be staying near Hayes Valley and Civic Center area.

Had a very productive July and hit all goals:

July 2017 Goals

My goals for July 2017 are the following:

GOAL #1.) Getting LASIK eye surgery this month:

I’ve been wearing contacts for about 20 years, and for 99% of those 20 years I’ve slept in my contacts nearly everyday.

Every optometrist and ophthalmologist I know says this is the dumbest idea in the world and I shouldn’t do it.

I have -6.75 vision in both eyes, that means I can’t see a DAMN thing when I take off my contacts or glasses.  You know that big “E” on the eye chart?  Yeah, I can’t see that at all without lenses.

So after 20 years of happily sleeping in my contacts every night, the first warning shot came.

About 2 months ago I woke up one day and my eyes were super sensitive to light.  It actually kind of hurt and worried me.  I immediately went to the eye doc and I had a super minor eye infection.  Some  eye drops and the next day I was fine.

HOWEVER, the first warning shot had been fired.  I didn’t want this to happen again, so every night I’ve been taking off my contacts like a good little boy and wearing glasses.

However with my extremely crappy vision without glasses, its actually kind of scary.  So for this reason I want to do LASIK eye surgery.


GOAL 2.) Upgrades to make the backend KK product the best:

I once did this whole online course backend post and learned a ton from that, but want to add additional functionality and information I may have missed inside the KopywritingKourse.

I’m adding new stuff all this month and making product improvements with outside help. This is an incremental but important improvement.


GOAL 3.) WordPress Speed Audit:

This is another incremental-yet-important improvement on efficiency that makes sense at larger numbers. Example:

If 4,000 people visit my website per day, and I speed up the total load time by 5 seconds per user, that’s 5.5 hours/day of loading time I can save the world.

If you know anyone who’s an advanced WordPress person specializing in speed audits, kick them my way (

May 2017 Goals

It’s a new month, so here are the new goals for May 2017:

April was successfully finished off:

This month I want to put up a little shirt store for KopywritingKourse (I dunno why, just always wanted to do this).

It’s also a month where I’m trying to eat a little cleaner.  I’m going to cook dinners for each night myself for the month, here’s my first attempt at a mass-cooking!

Brown Rice + Chicken + Mushrooms + Onions:

I’m a regular old Emeril here!

I’ll try having pre-prepped meals for a bit, and if it sticks, will get a chef service to start making them.  This whole process took only a total of about 35 minutes to cook.  Not bad.

This month will be busy with video calls, so fortunately I got this handy laptop desk lighting setup to make them easier and better.