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May 2017 Goals

It’s a new month, so here are the new goals for May 2017:

April was successfully finished off:

This month I want to put up a little shirt store for KopywritingKourse (I dunno why, just always wanted to do this).

It’s also a month where I’m trying to eat a little cleaner.  I’m going to cook dinners for each night myself for the month, here’s my first attempt at a mass-cooking!

Brown Rice + Chicken + Mushrooms + Onions:

I’m a regular old Emeril here!

I’ll try having pre-prepped meals for a bit, and if it sticks, will get a chef service to start making them.  This whole process took only a total of about 35 minutes to cook.  Not bad.

This month will be busy with video calls, so fortunately I got this handy laptop desk lighting setup to make them easier and better.

December 2016 Goals


There are my December 2016 Goals based on my standard monthly goal planner format.

I’ll be trying a new format with the kopywritingkourse premium materials by not letting them be sold all the time, only at specific times.  This can allow for specific “klasses” to open and close.

October 2016 Goals

Here’s my monthly goals for October 2016:


These goals are always made using a similar style to this monthly goal planner because 3 primary goals is very attainable to hit vs. a huge list of goals that makes you scatterbrained.