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Headline and image results from Craigslist product

In this previous post I tried testing out 4 headlines, and 3 images for this Craigslist Hiring Course …..the goal was to see which headline and image would convert the highest.

Well, the results are in…..and there were some pretty clear winners!

For the image tests, here’s the winner:

It was the very first image I Photoshopped for this deal:

Most people (including me) thought this image would do the best. It’s by far the most descriptive of the group, and the least distracting.  The images with the Sumo kind of took away attention from the text.

Now for fun, take a quick guess which headline test would win….before you peek at the results:

  • HEADLINE 1: Hiring Sucks. Let Craigslist do it for you….here’s the scripts to use.
  • HEADLINE 2: Hire Someone by tomorrow. Use these Craigslist scripts…
  • HEADLINE 3: Craigslist hiring scripts. This is the new way to hire. No sifting through countless crappy candidates.
  • HEADLINE 4: Hire someone by tomorrow. Use these Craigslist scripts…
  • (notice I’m an idiot, and the 4th headline is a duplicate).  Smooth.



Hire Someone by tomorrow. Use these Craigslist scripts…

Craigslist hiring scripts. This is the new way to hire. No sifting through countless crappy candidates.

Hiring Sucks. Let Craigslist do it for you….here’s the scripts to use.
I originally thought Headline #1 would’ve won.  Turns out the “Hire someone by tomorrow” proposition for people was the best (Usually every Craigslist success story I’ve had happens within 17 hours of posting… this isn’t some “made up” headline).



 As for the Craigslist Hiring Course itself….I’m proud to se people have been pretty happy with it (aka getting results)!

I just happened to use Craigslist 2 days ago to post a job the old boring way. Lots of qualified/unqualified resumes to review and sort to go/no go folders…
Anyway, the course was great! Head spinning with ways to use GoogleDocs/Forms. Integration of GoogleForm, video, AIDA – simple to do and full of value for me!!!
–AppSumo Customer

Very interesting lesson. I think I have learnd 2/3 things (Typing with HTML, Using a video, using Google form).

And most of all, very attractive lesson. Usualy I get bord. But this was exciting….
I had the sensation to really learn something…

Please, continue revolutionize.



Hangout with me (virtually) at 2pm CST today!

Since Google Hangouts is cool as hell and lets you live-Youtube-stream your videos AND save them, here’s a copy of the quick 30 minute live broadcast I did.

I forgot to hit “record” until about 2 minutes in, but you’ll live.

I go over:

1.) How I hired an assistant the automated way(who helped me put together this entire thing totally last minute).


2.) How I’m building out a new product.  Backstage access.

I’m not pitching anything in this video.  Just wanted to give cool info out for fun.  I really liked this Google Hangout thing!

Lemme know if you have questions for future mini-broadcasts like this!



Hey heeyyy, I’m doing a free & quick “webinar” thing (I hate that word) on Google Hangouts in a few hours…..

….today (Tuesday 6-12-2012) at 2:00pm Central time.  
I’m gonna discuss:
1.) How I hired an assistant (in fact, he helped me put all this together).  I also hired in a very different way than most people….it’s VERY useful info.
2.) A lot of people ask how I ACTUALLY MAKE courses to sell online, and we’re about 10% done with a new course, so I’m gonna show you behind-the-scenes how that process is going.
This course will likely make me tens of thousands of dollars…..and you’ll get an inside peek at how it’s researched, filmed, and bundled up!
I’ll keep this quick……30 minutes max….maybe even less.
I’ll be sending the link via Twitter around 2pm.  (my twitter is @nevmed)
A few people can even join the actual Google Hangout (up to 9 people only) when I post it:
So keep a look out on my Twitter around 2pm CST today for the link to watch this hangout!
Seeya today at 2pm CST!