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How to have Tim Ferriss speak at your event for free.

Despite the fact that I can beat him in a handstand competition, people still worship Tim Ferriss.

And since he’s pimping his new book right now, I found a way to do all of the following for “Free” (notice the quotes):

  • Meet Tim Ferriss up close and personal.
  • Be memorable to him.
  • Have him speak for you…TWICE….for FREE.  Potentially making you a lot of money.
  • …or have him speak (twice) at your events for promoting whatever you’re selling.
Sound too good to be true….it’s not (if you can get over the $84,000 price tag).
Here’s how:
STEP 1.) Checkout the way he is getting people to order his book on launch day (Nov. 20th):


STEP 2.) Notice the last option to buy 4,000 books for $21 a piece.  This costs $84,000 ….but a smart person would understand you actually get everything for “Free”.


See, you’re buying 4,000 copies of his book to distribute.  You can give these away, sell them…whatever….and almost re-coup your investment of $84,000.

BUT THE BIG THING is the perk Tim will personally give you for buying 4,000 copies:  He will personally speak as the keynote speaker at two events.  

Now in the startup world it ain’t hard to pack a room for a Tim Ferriss speech.

He usually commands $75,000 to $100,000 per speech….and can easily pack a paying room.

So you get to have him speak TWICE, for only $84,000….plus you can sell all the books!  Essentially you’re getting Tim to speak for you for FREE.



I’ve gotta get going to an art show now … if anyone’s interested, checkout his post about it.

“Non-Profit” Apartment Complex Loophole

This was actually a draft of a post I wrote on August 20th, 2006. However I still think this is a clever loophole, as I know people who run apartment complex’s, and it would be GREAT if you could strictly discriminate who lives there (although that’s illegal):


For the summer I lived in a “student community” where you HAD to be a student to live there, however they weren’t associated with any university.

I went to speak with the manager about this, asking how they were allowed to ask for student ID’s as a prerequisite to live there….as this obviously violates the Fair Housing Act (you can’t decline someone housing based on pretty much anything such as occupation, race, gender etc).

He told me the whole complex was a “Non-Profit Organization” which I immediately didn’t believe.  There HAS to be someone making money from this I thought. The manager didn’t know much about how it worked, but he said there are bond holders and some other people that make money off the apartments.  I knew it.

Someone is definitely profiting off a 400+ unit apartment complex.

I asked a close family friend of mine who deals with apartment complex’s what was going on, and I found it very interesting:

He said that there used to be a loophole in the system where if a property was established as a non-profit, they could accept or deny whoever they wanted to live there. This is why even in a heavily low-income, Hispanic part of town, there are only students living in the apartments.

The loophole was shut down, but people already under that loophole could continue operating as non-profits.  They were basically grandfathered in.

Obviously there were SOME profits, so I asked how those were collected. He said there are bond holders for the loans, so when the apartment makes a profit, it’s issued as tax credit. So if the apartment makes $1,000,000 in profit, they could sell that tax credit for $900,000 in cash to someone looking to save money on their taxes.

So while the complex loses a little money in the tax credit arbitrage, their ability to decline whoever they want probably makes them more profitable than others.

I found this VERY interesting… wasn’t illegal, but it’s very sneaky.