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SumoDietKourse from Hawaiiiii

SO I released another product on AppSumo today (woot woot)!

The SumoDietKourse was made not really out of demand for the product (in fact, it’s a huge departure from what AppSumo normally sells)…rather this was made because of the amazing feedback I got from my Six Pack Experiment.

I never intended for that to help that many people, but it really changed some lives (and belly-sizes)  :-)

While I lost a little weight and did my own little Six-Pack experiment….I’m nowhere qualified to talk extensively at help….so I brought in the big guns:

Adam at MyBodyTutor who I filmed all the videos with.  I flew to NYC for a few days to film with him, and I’m actually very proud of what came out!

If you read the Six Pack Experiment you’ll see I mentioned Adam over and over and over and over….so it was cool to actually film this whole thing with him!

One of the other things is…..this was launched today (Dec. 15th) while I’m currently in HAWAII!

Aleks noticed in my Cancun pictures I didn’t have a handstand picture like normal.  Well here’s one fresh off the camera from Hawaii!

That was taken on the battleship where WWII was officially ended.

Anywho…..checkout the sales video thingy and copy I did for the AppSumo landing page:

Cancooooon 2011 re-cap

Just did a quick Cancun destination wedding trip….lotsa fun, lotsa friends, great wedding…good times!

I was already pretty beached-out from the San Juan trip I took a few days before, but still had a blast!

Lots of relaxing by the pool/beach and massive hot tub:

Attempting to take underwater photos:

Getting 120 people to cut the line at the Coco Bongo:

The Coco Bongo club… was a giant tourist destination, and probably the most stunning visual effects system I’ve ever seen:

One of the wedding event areas…..PERFECT warm breeze the entire trip:

The groom riding a (clearly Indian) horse:

Very picturesque wedding overlooking the beach:

Wedding gazebo:

Me sitting on the dance floor.  I don’t know why:

This Q4 2011 travel schedule is starting to get hectic….in one day I’m packing up again and heading to Manhattan to film some videos with Adam of MyBodyTutor for an upcoming product thingy on AppSumo called SumoDietKourse.  Then immediately after that I’m flying off to Hawaii for two weeks (aaawwwww….poor Neville)!!!

The SumoDietKourse we’re doing will combine what Adam already does with the AppSumo crowd.  So the goal is to get fat nerds to lose some weight (and become more productive like I discovered in the six pack experiment).

August 2011 Goooaaaaaallllssss

Here’s the goal set for August 2011 (forgot to post the on the 1st..d’oh)!

1.) Signup for guitar lessons (again):

I already play the guitar as you can see:

…..but I wanna get BETTER!  I’ve also become exceedingly spoiled with living downtown and not having to drive much… there’s no way in hell I’m going to drive to-and-fro to get lessons.  This means I’ll have a tutor come to my apartment once a week.

The last time I went to guitar lessons I improved dramatically….so hopefully I can do the same, and pickup new styles of guitar too.

2.) The “Write-A-Book-In-Two-Weeks” Experiment.

For some reason I’ve always just wanted to publish a book for no reason other than “I think it’d be cool to say I wrote a book.”

I have no intention to make money off this book, nor do I care if it sells even one copy…..IN FACT this project is likely to just be a big damn waste of time.  The only reason I can think of to spend the time doing this is :

“Cause it sounds cool” :-)

I’ll kick off the project mid-August.  The goal will to “write a full book in 2 weeks” and get a printed copy of it.

I didn’t write it on this goal sheet…..but I also want to start automating a little more.

Vancouver and The Grand Cayman Islands Trippy Trip

“But Nevillleee…this is supposed to be a FINANCIAL BLOG…not a personal blog!”

Screw off…I forget pretty much everything that happens, so I have to write it down.

And I DON’T want to forget what a blast I had the last two weeks!

So a quick re-cap :

I first went to VANCOUVER.

I went there for a Zoroastrian youth congress (if you recall, I’m a Parsi Zoroastrian).  We’re such a small community that we have these “Congress” events where everyone meets up.

They put everyone up at the Gage Towers at UBC (University of British Columbia), so this was the view a lot of people got.  Gorgeous:

….got to stir up trouble with old friends (you might see what I’m talking about if you Google “Neville Medhora” ;-)

We went on a Canada Day cruise through Vancouver….it was amazingly perfect outside:

And they had fireworks at night…..really fun to stand around with close friends watching this view:

We went to the Stanley Park beach for a while…once again, terrific weather and amazzzzinngg views:

Of course I took my obligatory handstand picture :-)

Got to hang out with friends from across the country:

This is officially my favorite picture of the whole trip.  After 5 days of craziness, I remember being physically exhausted, sad I had to leave, and already missing everyone……but it felt SO comfortable at this moment :-)

I came back to Austin…..immediately unpacked, did laundry, then re-packed.

Then headed out to:

The Grand Cayman Islands!

It was a family friends wedding on the beach:

We did stuff like ride a catamaran:

….swimming with stingrays:

….I fathered a child whilst there (they grow up sooo fast)!

….went snorkeling

….hung out on the beach a lot

….did the obligatory handstand picture on a sandbar:

….enjoyed the blue waters:

….hung out with a lot of family friends:

….took pictures sucking my stomach in to make me look stronger:

……and since I can work from anywhere…..I didn’t have to worry about vacation days and could still do a tad bit of work whenever I wanted to :-)

Good times!

Grand Cayman bound

Just got done with Vancoooooover.

Washing clothes.


Now headed out to the Grand Cayman Islands!

Take a guess as why one would go to the Cayman’s:

1.) Illegal drug money deposits
2.) Tax shelters
3.) Friends wedding
4.) Money laundering

Look what Wikipedia says about The Cayman Islands:

“The territory is a major world offshore financial centre.”

HA!  Should be fun :-)

Nev Be In Vancoooooover

That’s probably the worst representation of saying, “I’ll be in Vancouver till July 5th” ever!

So if I’m slower than normal at answering email you’ll know why!

Playing with BIG Amps!

A few months back I started learning how to play blues and jazz scales better to perform at a close friends wedding with my brother.

I picked up basic bass scales quickly thanks to some cool iPhone apps, and now we’re performing at the wedding TOMORROW!

It’s at one of those enormous Houston museums, so our little amplifiers won’t cut it…so we rented some big-boy equipment for the job.

Here’s a random little jam we tried out in our parents house:

Notice the GIGANTIC bass amplifier (we weren’t using it in this video) and the massive guitar amp I’m sitting on.  The amps sound so cool, wish I could steal em!

P.S. You might also notice my brother is just slightly better than me at guitar ;-)

I’m a dirty rotten thief

So a few days ago I “accidentally” stole someone’s bike here in Austin…

The first & last time I blatantly stole something was in 2002 when I was buying a bag of Whopper’s candy at the University of Texas convenience store before a class, and the line was gargantuan.

Running extremely short on time, I sneakily walked out with the 85 cent bag.  I felt terrible.  After the class finished, I went back to the convenience store, checked out and paid for another bag of Whoppers, then put the bag of candy back in it’s original place in the store.

Net harm to the store = ZERO.

Weight it had on my conscience = IMMENSE.

An $0.85 bag of Whoppers nearly crushed me, so I was horrified I had actually stolen a bike.

…and it was a NICE bike which someone obviously put a lot of work into.  It was a “woody” looking bike with a custom paint job, hand-made wood-lined rims, reinforced and upgraded parts, and a gigantic lock chain that just screamed, “THIS BIKE IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME…PLEASE DON’T STEAL IT.

It was Friday evening and me and friends were at a fun tech meetup, seeing old friends and making new ones, then we all left to have a pre-party at my place (which is conveniently located Downtown).

We were all drinking and went out to a big club known for cool people and fun dancing.

Sometime around 2am (when all the bars/clubs here close), I was under the impression the club was giving away a bike.  There happened to be a nice bicycle in one of the rooms of the club that looked like it was being “presented”…and someone told me it was a promotional bike they were giving away (I have no idea why I thought or believed this…I’m presuming alcohol played “a small” factor).

On a lark, I decided it’d be funny if I got the “promotional bike” outside the club and started riding around on it….well, I accomplished that goal!

Then I saw my friends walking home and got distracted, so I went with them (still riding the bike).  We walked three blocks back to my place where my roommate asked, “Ummm…where’d you get this bike??”

I explained it was a promotional bike giveaway, and I “accidentally” rode it home (I never meant to ride it more than a block away).  I somehow didn’t feel that guilty since it was going to be given away anyway.

I put the bike in my closet for the time being (we were about to have a small after party), and finally saw it under proper lighting:

My roommate exclaimed, “This is SOMEONE’S bike….it looks used and even has a lock on it.”

I couldn’t really argue these obvious statements, and quickly realized I was some douchebag who just stole a bike!

…a petty little thief I was.

I woke up extra-early the next morning and searched for the owner through Twitter (maybe someone Tweeted “my bike got stolen from Barbarella” or something along those lines)  and through the bike model number etc.   I then posted this in the Lost & Found section of Craigslist to find the owner:

No responses, so around 3pm I rode my own bike past the club where my stupidity occurred (for fear of being spotted on the stolen bike), and found some guys inside working on the club.

I asked, “Did someone here get a bike stolen last night?”

Them: “YES!  One of our guys got his bike jacked…like a wooden-looking bike.”  <– (said sort of angrily)

Me: “Well….I HAVE IT!”

Them: (suspiciously) “What do you mean you have it?”

Me: “Last night I was walking back to my place, and some guy walking by me said, “Here man, have a bike…I jacked it from Barbarella” and then ran off!”

Them: “That’s crazy….must’ve been some crack head or something.”

Me: “It might have been” <– masking the guilt in my voice.

Me: “Well, give me 5 minutes and I’ll ride it over!”

Them: “Oh man, thank you soooo much!  That’s a really good thing you did, he’ll be so happy to see it.”

I left sort of laughing how I stole the bike in the first place, yet am the hero for giving it back!

Here’s me right before I rode it back:

I rolled up with the bike, and was welcomed like a savior.  They even gave me a personal day-time tour of the club, showed me how they made their new 1920’s-style room, invited me to an event that night (free of charge for their hero of course) and apparently they had a closet full of…soups…(??)…they were trying to get rid of and offered me all of it.

They even started pouring me some scotch to toast the return of the bike (I declined simply because I didn’t want to be drunk at 3pm)!

So I walked out of the club glad THEY DIDN’T BEAT ME UP for stealing a bike….. and with two cans of soup :-)

I’d really like to think I learned something from this incident, but I was actually REWARDED for stealing then returning something.

So the moral of this story is: Steal a bike and get free drinks and soup!