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about alcohol

I wanna talk about alcohol.   

I recently had a small “discovery” about myself which has drastically cut down on my alcohol consumption.

And just for fun, I’m going to write this email, whilst drinking a beer!

So here’s how I’d normally drink alcohol:

IF I’m at a party….
IF they are serving alcohol…

I will normally drink.  

There’s no real rhyme or reason to this.  I’ll simply have a cocktail or beer out of habit.

Now my problem is I drink FAST.
If I have a drink in my hand (whether it’s a beer, martini, or CocaCola), I’ll keep taking sips until it’s finished.

When I’m done, I’ll get another.

I could finish three drinks before someone else finishes one, and not even realize it till it “hits me.”

I went to 9 weddings in 2012 alone, and I want to share with you a common theme:

1….) I would show up to the wedding reception where there’s always an open-bar starting around 7pm till dinner starts.

2….) I would load up on free drinks, and by dinner time, be kind of buzzed (let’s not use euphemistic words to hide the truth here ….I’d be kinda drunk by this time).

3….) Every drink I take lowers my ability to keep up conversation and be “sharp”… I’d be bit dull by the time dinner starts.

4….) Since I’ve been drinking, I’m SUPER hungry by dinner time, and I scarf down the meal and whatever leftovers I can get from others.

5….) So now I’m at a wedding, can barely stand up, feel bloated, have to take a huge dump, feeling cranky, and can no longer make witty conversation.  I just wanna leave at this point.

OK……so by the end of a wedding I’m feeling like crap all because I had too many drinks too fast in the beginning.

This was shockingly apparent to me when I was at a wedding in Cancun (the 4th wedding of that year).  I drank before the dinner started, then scarfed down three plates of food (they flew in a chef from Goa and the food was incredible)….and I felt so bloated and full that I had to go back to my hotel room to throw up.

I ate SO much food I literally couldn’t keep it down.

This was my body’s way of saying, “OK YOU DUMBASS YOU NEED TO SLOW THE FUCK DOWN.”

I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that story until now.
It’s incredibly embarrassing.

SOoooo I ended up making a “Wedding routine” I started following with great success for the next round of weddings.  Perhaps you can use this advice for parties you go to:

1.) I would not have any drinks till AFTER dinner.  Because of this I could keep up great conversation and have a good time without an impending crash.

2.) I would only eat HALF the dinner portioned to me (to avoid feeling so full).

3.) Sometime late into the dinner or after, only if I felt like it, I would start having drinks with friends.  Having a few drinks helped me have more fun on the dance floor.  Several times I simply didn’t feel like drinking at this point because I was having a lot of fun and didn’t want/need any drinks.  It was liberating.

THAT’S IT.  That simple change of “only drinking after dinner” completely changed the outcome!!

Such a stupid little hack changed everything!!

Now that routine worked well for events like weddings, but I frequently go to tech meetups and events, and they’re often held at bars.

The WHOLE point of these is to meet other nerds and have cool conversations.  But with every drink I have, my intelligence goes down.

So one day I was talking with a shy-yet-incredibly-intelligent friend *cough cough* STEVE *cough cough*

….and we were talking about drinking habits.  He asked me one question which till this day I cannot get out of my mind.

This is almost verbatim what he said:

“I don’t understand why you drink.  You’re already outgoing, so why do you need alcohol?  I’m super quiet and nervous at parties, so if I have 1 or 2 drinks, it actually loosens me up and I have a better time.  So the alcohol serves a purpose for me.  But for you it doesn’t.”

–my friend Steve


I had never ONCE in my life asked the simple question:
Will this drink make my time here better or worse? 

This led me down this path of thinking about all the other hidden invisible scripts I (and others) follow in life.

Go to party with drinks —> You drink. 

Go to college —> Then get job. 

Party is invite only —> You can’t go

It seems that we all follow these invisible scripts for seemingly small things.

So remember in the beginning of this article I said “I’m going to write this email, whilst drinking a beer!”

That wasn’t a joke.
I am sitting on my couch with my Macbook Air and a Blue Moon beer on the table.

But here’s the thing…..
I was feeling lazy and un-creative before.  I was tickled by the idea of drinking a beer WHILE writing an article about drinking, so I did it.  And the beer served me.

Actually the beer isn’t near me anymore.  I only drank half and put it back in the fridge.  Because instead of following the script of “Have open beer —> Drink it”….I’m asking if the beer is serving me or not.

It served me when I started.  And now that I’m done, I don’t want anymore.

I’d like for you to identify one invisible script you do on your own, and how you’ve changed that behavior (or plan to).

I love hearing stories that have TINY changes that product BIG results (so I can emulate them).

I’m particularly interested to hear about changes in your relationship, work, or habits.

Leave a comment on my blog about them (you can remain anonymous or change your name if you’d like).  I will be selecting 5 commenters to send a NevBox to in the mail (anywhere in the world)! (remember each NevBox cost $97 and I have to physically ship it to you via snail mail…..and I’m no longer selling them).

So go comment with a SMALL change that’s produced BIG results for you, and I might be contacting you to send you a NevBox!!!

Success Strikes Temporarily

Well shit.  

I had made it.

Sometime in the summer of 2012 Noah and I rented a furnished condo in Manhattan.  East Village to be precise.  It was three bedrooms, and only two of us.  Having an extra bedroom in Manhattan is baller.

I was 29, also had a nice apartment in Austin, TX, could work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, renting a condo in semi-arguably one of the coolest cities in the world, and made something in the neighborhood of $40,000 that month.

Life was going well.  

But here’s the part that’s a total mind-fuck:
We sat down at a coffee shop for a sip, and started discussing life.  And this….what we were doing in that moment ….THIS was it.
THIS was “the American Dream” we were living.  

Working from wherever, making good money, travelling, being young/healthy/ridiculously-good-looking, the world is your oyster!  Oddly enough, that realization only brought a slight grin to my face for a few seconds….then faded.

I wanted to get back to work soon.
I wanted to produce something else.
I wanted to work on myself some more.
I wanted to improve/go-further/learn-new-stuff.

STOPPING AND RESTING at this point was a frightening and boring option.

It reminded me of all the times my parents took us to some breathtaking place somewhere in the world.  We’d travel long-n-far, make several stops, encounter several obstacles, and when we were finally there, it was pretty neat-o for a second……but as I saw it and took it in for a moment, it was then time to move on.

The journey was fun.
The stories along the way were fun.
The stresses of being with the same people for weeks-on-end was fun.
Working towards some common goal was fun.  

The journey of getting to a point is what made you grow.  Simply “being there” was relatively insignificant compared to “getting there”.

That was an odd realization.

Goddamn it.  I’ll just admit, the old cliche:

“The journey is better than the inn”

…pretty much summed it up long before my dumbass figured this out.


Ok, so what’s the takeaway here?  I’ll tell you:

You will always be working hard, so you may as well WANT to….and make it fun for yourself. 

I’ve met a ridiculous amount of people who’ve said to me, “I just want to have a business on auto-pilot where I don’t have to do any work, and it spits out a lot of money.”

Those people never go anywhere. I’ve never seen one of them succeed.  They’re dweebs who want SOMETHING for NOTHING.

They want the world to give them something, without giving the world something back first.

It never happens that way.  So before you ask yourself how to get something you want……maybe reverse the question and ask how YOU can give something to others first.

risky kinetic

Three phases of every human life that’s ever existed:
1.) You’re born.
2.) You do some things.
3.) You fucking die.

So no matter what your problem is… pales in comparison with that 3rd stage.

This might help pump you up before you do anything:

YouTube video link:

Bookmark this video as a small piece of inspiration (I have a folder in my book marks just for inspirational stuff).  Also give it a YouTube “Like” if you don’t mind.

This video was originally part of an email I sent out called “Risky” which got an insanely large response.  Then Bryan from VideoFruit made my soothing voice into kinetic text.  Awesome!

Stay young & dumb my friend (said in my best Dos Equis Man voice).

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THIS….is a piece of paper:

THIS….is a piece of paper:


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Well despite this very dull observation, several books have changed my life.

But have the ACTUAL sheets of paper changed my life?  Not really.

But the knowledge, wisdom, and ideas on those sheets of paper has.

The act of sitting down, holding something, writing all over it with a pen, stopping to take a moment and MENTALLY APPLY the lessons to your own life….THAT’S the life-changing part!

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