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Ryan Deiss ripping apart biz ideas

I got Ryan Deiss in a room and ask him the question (which people here voted for):

“If Ryan Deiss lost his $30,000,000/year business, what would he do to build his next $1,000,000 business?

  • Where would he start?
  • How would he find good business ideas?
  • How would he make money from what he knows?

Ryan had a pretty damn-good system in place where he can tell within about 3 minutes if a business idea (or skill) has a chance to succeed.

He THEN further drills-down (within another 3 minutes) into WHAT the person should sell in their industry:

  • Physical products?
  • Information products?
  • Services?
  • Consulting?

I originally thought he was going to re-hash what is taught in the SumoBusinessBlueprint, but to my surprise it was pretty different (yet equally as easy).

It was really damn cool to watch him tear apart business ideas as I named them …and we thought it’d be really damn cool if he ripped apart YOUR BUSINESS IDEAS!

So if you want Ryan to do his whole process on your business idea or skill, enter your info below.  We’re taking 4 full case studies….and maybe a few extra ones:

Click this link:



Just enter your info here:

Noah giving away free mini biz consult

Noah Kagan needs 4 case studies of existing businesses.

So if you fill out the form below you might get a free consult of your business (Noah will be determining where your customers ACTUALLY hang out, and how to reach them):

Too lazy to write more detail….other than we’re closing this form at around 8:30am on Thursday (6-12-2012) so you have a pretty decent chance of getting picked (since it will be up for no more than 12 hours)!

Funky Munky

If you see any links or items on NevBlog that look all funky-munky or don’t work, lemme know.

I just switched over to WPengine as of last night, so it might take a few days to work out some little kinks & bugs.

Comment if you find anything weird!  (I’m already aware the top navigation has some broken links).


Thank you!


P.S.  If you want free copywriting by me, enter this Kopywriting Kontest before June 10th!

How to get out of a slump

Me and Noah talk about how to get out of slump:

I know what you’re thinking:

“Neville….what’s wrong with your hair??”

Well….at the beginning of the month my hair color was “bright blue …..but now faded into “i-don’t-know-what-the-hell-is-on-my-head” color.

Which hair color

I want you to vote what color my hair should become:

BLUE, GREEN, RED….or enter your own color suggestion:

Whatever color wins, I’m going to dye my hair that color!

One time before I turn 30 (Nov. 17th) I wanna make my hair a weird color.

I have no idea why.
I’ve just want to for a while.

In fact this is probably an all-around bad decision since I do a lot of video stuff….and I’ll be talking about a serious subject with dumb-ass looking green hair!

Keep in mind I’ve made my hair “blonde-ish” many times:

….and not one person has EVVEERR told me, “Wow, that looks really good on you.”

But I’m still gonna do it.  Vote for what color you wanna see in the form above!

If you haven’t..

If you haven’t already signed up for this page ….it’s about to get really good. ESPECIALLY if you’re a wantrepreneur.

Wantrepreneur AppSumo Video

The SumoBusinessBlueprint LIVE EDITION is coming out on March 29th….and we made a pretty great autoresponder for it which starts tomorrow (March 22nd).

Signup to see it!

…like a scary brown man

I was going to the studio to film some more videos for the upcoming SumoBusinessBlueprintLIVE course where we try to kill people’s inner wantrepreneur….and make them REAL entrepreneurs.

I walked into a gas station nearby to buy some water….and got a BUNCH of weird looks going in.

I then realized it might freak people out when they see a brown guy wearing a shirt that says DIE!!!!