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It’s about time I change my old school email address. just doesn’t look all that professional….although sometimes it’s good to email someone with a school email address…(Like on Craigslist).

Currently I am starting to use

However, an email such as would create more exposure because people will often type in when they see the email.

I was also thinking of…Ideally I’d like or something along those lines, but and have been taken and not-selling for years!

Now I have to change all my email addresses from all sorts of places before it expires!

I’ll also eventually have to change this business card. I don’t really care for cool business cards, I prefer the free ones from VistaPrint!

Blog posted on: August 24, 2006

7 comments on “Change Email Address

  1. Marco

    Free is always cool :)

    But with business cards, it may be also worthwhile creating a memorable one as well as one that is worth keeping… Otherwise people will not care for the card and other would just throw it away.

    With the email address… I guess you should choose wisely… Because people are inquisitive and do type in the domain just to find out a little about the person’s background.

  2. andy

    you can always just forward your school and other emails to your gmail account, so you can still give out your school email, but it’ll go to your gmail and you’ll be able to track them all that way

  3. Danny

    just use – it’s strictly a forwarding account so no matter how many times you change your primary address it will still be valid.

  4. EP

    If you want to be taken seriously, you really need to have a business card that doesn’t say “Free from Vista Print” on it. That may have worked when you were still in school, but if you want to ramp up your business prospects you need to present a more professional image. Especially when the cost of doing so is maybe 15 bucks.

  5. Zarathustra's Son

    I think would be best for your corporate email address (it has the standard firstname.surname@corporate-domain format. Just using first names and gmail would should ‘Small Business’)

    I think would be best choice for a personal email address.

    Or why not make the registrant of an offer for them to redirect mail from to you.
    Or you could offer to host, without the ads, and provide five email addresses with web-mail, anti-spam filtering, PoP access etc. There are quite a few Hosted Exchange services for small business, so this needn’t cost the earth. In return, you’d get and are unregistered at the time of writing. So you could get or

  6. Anonymous

    Hi. Great looking free vistaprint card you have there.

    But be aware, people have had problems with vistaprint, see for example:

    I personally almost ordered from vistaprint ( after ordering some books from amazon which included vistaprint information.

    Nothing else, great www site ya have. Good
    doing the good work!


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