Clearing Up Consfusion

It seems a lot of people expect me to get a job right after I graduate college. Why must that be the norm? Does a company care about your family and income when you loose your job? NO. So why should you slave away your life working for somebody else? Why work for a company when you can own it?

I think if you are up to the challenge and willing to take the risk of not having a steady income, you can become a very successful person if you work hard and if you work right.

I plan on becoming an Investment Creator, or one who creates investment vehicles for himself. These include businesses, stock investments and real estate. These things can all be done while holding a job or working full time towards them. The trick is to treat it like a job, in other words if you treat investing like a part time thing then you will not get full results.

After college I plan to either jump right in, or work for people who know the knowledge I seek then apply it to my own investments.

Blog posted on: November 26, 2004

2 comments on “Clearing Up Consfusion

  1. Justine Kaley

    I know how that feels, people were expecting me to go to college which I plan to do, but right after high school was not for me I did not have the money or help of applying which I am researching about now. Everytime I told someone I wanted to get a part-time job, no one could believe that anyone could survive on that I was not planning to survive on it just save enough to get me through to Boston. I was reading an article about a guy who works by using a temp agency work when you want to with a great and benefits that is what I am currently doing. You get to pick the job you would like to take and the temp angency does the rest for you it is so great.

  2. Just Simple

    I’m doing whatcha doing until one day i found out my mum actually borrowing money for my college fee. That’s when i decided to come out, work and study part-time.

    Well, i work in Bank to know people and know about how bank works. Doing quite fine now. But that’s not the end. More interesting will come pretty soon :)


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