Cool AppSumo Guitar Picks gift

One of the interesting things about being involved with AppSumo and all the products we sell, is people THANK US in odd ways.

I get emails all the time that start off with “THANKS YOU FATASS SUMO’S!”

Normally them’s fightin’ words….but it’s actually a sign of affection :-)

Books, cookies & ukelele’s ┬áhave come our way….and now my new favorite gift: Personalized AppSumo guitar picks from Andrew Woo from ProspectSnap!

I’ve actually been using them!

Blog posted on: May 6, 2012

6 comments on “Cool AppSumo Guitar Picks gift

  1. Arik Ermshaus

    And they’re looking good as well!

    This is brilliant way to say thanks cause you probably got enough picks for a lifetime and you actually play guitar …brilliant gift!


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