Crazy Money Making IDEAS

I am taking some time to just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather in Austin right now before the weekend starts up, and then school. Didn’t do much but read today, so I’ll just post some crazy money making ideas:

1.) Helicopter Rentals.

I got this idea from New York and the insane traffic. I figured a helicopter charter service that picks you up and takes you directly into the city would be profitable. I wanted to rent a helicopter to pick me and friends up from New Jersey and drop us in New York for a New Year’s party, but all I found was helicopter sight-seeing tours.

2.) Handrail Advertising.

I was posting some flyers when I got this idea, then fashioned a crude device to make it work. A week later I found had taken the idea to the next level. I contacted the company to get my hands on their handrail printing machine, but they were only interested in large, establsihed advertising companies. I still think this is a great opportunity, as it is not being done in the United States…yet. When I spoke to MedialRails, they told me they would hit U.S. shores in mid-2005.

At any one time I have a million ideas written down, those are just two. Feel free to comment on them, I’d love to hear improvements, devil’s advocate agruments or any comments!

Blog posted on: January 14, 2005

12 comments on “Crazy Money Making IDEAS

  1. Randall Dlugoss

    I like the hand rail idea. I have another self promotion on a gift card or credit card. you put your face and name or company on the card(one at a time not mass produced) printed and used because it ties to your account the numbers can be the same. Only the picture changes.

  2. Anonymous

    Great Ideas in here…But!!!
    Everybody is praising the ppcappraisal effort with leaving your pc on 24/7.
    O.K. that’s no problem.
    The problem is that it is only clocking up…and this is on a good day approxiamately $0.82.
    The most it clocked in one day was a fantastic $1.19
    At this rate I reckon I’ll be due a payment around Sept. 2010 as there are 26 search engines in there and most with a minimum payment of $60.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey everybody, a word of caution. I am a computer security professional, so I do have some credentials to back up my statements. I would be VERY wary of these “leave your computer on and make money” programs. We don’t know what they are REALLY doing (possible examples of malicious activity – generating spam and using your computer and connection to send it out, logging your key strokes, really anything is possible). I would not install programs on my computer unless they came from a reputable source.

  4. Lynn

    I’m reading this entrance much later then it was posted, and am amazed by the amount of ideas you have! Just wanted to comment about the commenters — How much trust can anyone give for people who don’t even leave their names, and…if they do and claim they have a Blog, but the Blog is blank — again, trust? I don’t think so! Was considering the “leave your computer running…” scheme, but it went back to the old adage, “If it seems to good to be true…!” Elvis Fisher has no web presence, and no way of being contacted! I’ve deleted that idea off my radar!

    On the other hand, am mighty impressed with you, Neville! Thanks for the Blog! Very interesting on so many levels! Keep on thinking! You’re very good at it!

    Even my “Internet Savvy” teddy bears are impressed! LOL

  5. Anonymous

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  6. MakingMoneyIdea

    I kind of like the handrail making money idea also. (thinking outside the box)

    If your interested in expanding on that idea and would like to have it featured on our Making Money Idea website with links pointing back here, please let me know if we could work something out.



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