Current Financials

Money sources:
Online Business: $300 to $1000 per month pure profit.
Work: Two paydays per month, usually between $230 and $320 per check.
Parents: $60 per month.

Where the Money Goes:
Permanent Savings: Deposit $40 per week + 30% of money brought in.
Investment Account: Deposit $60 per week + 30% of money brought in.
Spending Account: Deposit $10 per week + 20% of money brought in.
General Account: Whatever is leftover from business + 20% of money brought in.

Current Assests:
General Account: $1,349
Business Balance: $652
Spending Account: $371
Investment Account: $963
Permanent Savings: $2,654
Backup CD Savings: $5, 036
Stock Portfolio Value: $5, 094
Credit Card Balance: $0

Monthly Mandatory Additions to Perm. Savings: $160
Monthly Mandatory Additions to Inves. Account: $240
Monthly Mandatory Additions to Spend Account: $40

Blog posted on: November 18, 2004

2 comments on “Current Financials

  1. Michael C.

    Now help me understand here nev,
    When you say “$40 per week + 30% of money brought in” do you mean 30% of total revenue for the month or 30% of any money on top of the mandatory additions to these accounts?


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