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Since I really want to take a picture with the Dalai Lama, I camped out to get tickets. I already applied for press access, but I’m uncertain if that’s going to be sufficient enough. I also need about 10 extra tickets to give to some non-UT friends.

I waited with friends in a gigantic line from 3:00am till 8:00am…..

….so I could get these two tickets:

It made me laugh when I saw the back of tickets say you CANNOT bring cameras. I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that, and bring my camera (which is also a video camera) anyway. This just adds more fun to the challenge!

On another note…
I sold my holdings of ESLR today, the gain was over $480 in about two weeks. I expected to hold this stock long term, but the quick rise in price prompted me to sell. I will buy again when this ESLR mini-rally stops.

ESLR was held in my ROTH IRA account, therefore I will not consider the profits as income.

9-6-2005 holdings.

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Also, I saw a really creative way to advertise while partying on 6th Street this weekend:

This truck simply parks on 6th street before they barricade it off to accommodate the large party-going crowds. The truck then raises a large, rotating cylinder with advertisements on it. For relatively cheap they appeal to a young demographic in a heavy traffic area for hours at a time. Brilliant! However, I wonder if it violates any city advertising laws.

Blog posted on: September 8, 2005

10 comments on “Dalai Lama Line – Stock – Advertising

  1. Dooley

    Us folks here in California have seen those trucks parked around town quite often.

    A creative way to advertise no doubt. I think it is especially effective in such a consumer-driven culture like in Cali.

  2. Stock Trader

    Good job picking Evergreen Solar right when oil prices really started jumping.

    As oil goes higher, alternative energy companies get more attention.

  3. Anonymous

    I used to find this blog interesting and informative. Not to mention I was impressed with Neville’s entrepreneurship.

    However with this post I now have lost any respect for him. What makes Neville think he is above rules and regulations and can bring a camera (with a built in video recorder) to an event the explicitly prohibits such devices?

    I truely hope they refuse his entry to the event and Neville misses his one chance to see the Dalai Lama in person.

  4. Brian

    Ha…saw that sign, too while having a few drinks at the Iron Cactus. Interestingly enough, Leslie was posing for pictures beside it.

  5. Neville

    Usually these cool ideas start out in dense areas like NYC and Cali, then trickle down elsewhere!

    Stock Trader,
    Out of all the alternative energies out there, I strongly believe solar has the most potential.

    My phone also has a camera and video camera on it, should I make sure not to bring THAT also?
    If they ACTUALLY kick me out for bringing a camera (which I seriously doubt), that’s the risk I’m taking. I’m not above the rules, I just like to bend them :-)

    haha…I saw Leslie last weekend with a cell phone and matching Bluetooth headset! Pretty good for a bum/mayoral candidate!

  6. Jason D

    I agree, good job on the Roth, you made about a 10% increase on your entire account in just two weeks!

    Hope you get in to see the Dalai Lama, I am looking forward to seeing if you get a picture or simply get kicked out of the speech ;-)

  7. aaaaaaaaaaa

    Neville, your business blog is so inspirational! I’ve spent hours reading the entire thing.

    Just an observation, your writing has become much better as time goes on :-)

    Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Neville – As for the camera post above from a different anon – here where I live they are starting to confiscate (sp?) cameras AND camera phones during some events.

    Ever since 9/11 they have been searching the beejesus out of everyone and taking crap like that. You can usually get it back quite easily, but who knows.

  9. Fellow Longhorn

    Nev, those free Dalai Lama tickets are going for $200+ on Ebay and Craigslist.

    Maybe you could sell yours for a handsome profit.


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