Dedicated Days – YouTube Videos

Oye….staying focused on a task is hard when there are lots of different things going on.

Something I’ve really slacked on is getting all my House Of Rave videos on YouTube, like this section of the videos. This way viewers can watch the videos directly on the website, and it also garners free advertising from YouTube.

This transition requires the following for EACH video:

  1. Uploading the video to YouTube. (approx 1-2 minutes)
  2. Writing a new description. (approx 2 minutes)
  3. Taking a new screenshot from the YouTube video and Photoshopping to correct size. (approx 2-3 minutes)
  4. Uploading new screenshot and video (approx 1 minute)
  5. formatting the More Info page with pertinent video information (approx 3-4 minutes)

It’s probably the most mundane thing I’ve ever done. In the end it will pay off, but damn it’s not fun right now! I’ll have to find a way to streamline all this work.

So today ALL I WILL DO TODAY is overhaul the HoR video section. I have taken care of most of my daily work, and undoubtedly more will pop up throughout the day, but my ONE MAIN TASK IS UPLOADING THE ENTIRE VIDEO SECTION.

It’s 11:50am on Tuesday right now…..

If it’s not done by 11:59pm tonight, I’ve been slacking!!

Blog posted on: July 11, 2006

9 comments on “Dedicated Days – YouTube Videos

  1. Anonymous

    Well, it’s good you’re staying focused. I’ll make sure to visit the site at Midnight and make sure you’ve completed he task!

  2. personal finance

    While it may be boring, I think it will pay off in the end. It’s that type of grunt work that builds the foundation of a business and even though it may not be fun, the benefits are well worth the time.

  3. Andrew

    Having to grind through a task like this can be tedious and mind numbing but worth it. All businesses, online and offline have tedious work that needs to be done. Since you are the sole person running your website all the fun monotonous work falls to you. Enjoy the work and the rewards.

  4. lorenz

    It will record all your mouse and keyboard actions.
    Make sure that you have written all the information that you tube will require beforehand, in the chronology that you will need to enter it. Make sure that they all have equal amount of lines (so if the maximum amount of lines for one description is 15, make sure you add enough returns after the other description so that they all have 15 lines. You need to do this for the automation software to always cut out the right text).
    Upload your video while Workspace Macro is recording. Make sure that once uploaded, you leave enough time (upload times vary…)
    Now cut out your description and past it in the field.
    Take your screenshot , paste it in photoshop and run your predefined action cutting it to the right size.
    Always export it under the same name. Make sure the first time you do it a file by that name already exists, because you will have to click replace on the alert window ‘file already exists’.
    I don’t know what the formatting page looks like, but you’ll figure it out from here.


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