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12 comments on “Discussing PRODUCTIVITY HACKS with the Chief Sumo

    1. Neville Post author

      I’ve seen that on Tynan’s website (I always see him post the codes after every post)…..but I’m (no longer) a fan of to-do’s on the computer at this moment.

      I’m totally an old-school paper fan at the moment.

      I’ll have to check this out though :-)

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  2. Dividendium

    You have an alarm clock?!

    Great tips…

    You didn’t mention much about carrot or stick…like your post a while back about giving away your bike if you didn’t meet your goals for the month. Did that turn out not to work for you?

    When I’m coding something, and I hit a bug, sometimes I won’t let myself go pee until the bug is fixed.

    Or I’ll reward myself with a cookie if I do complete something on my list…I suppose Sumo would need a bag of cookies. :)

    Also, if I have even ONE customer that likes what I’m doing and values it, that provides HUGE energy and productivity.

    Future topics:

    – What drives y’all to want to be productive in the first place? What’s the emotion that you feel that gets you to even decide to trick yourself into working? Fear of being poor? Shame at wasting time? Delight at the results? Pride in being a harder worker than other people? Something else?

    Mike Cassidy (the guy with the spreadsheet that Noah mentioned) said in an interview with Tim Ferriss that he rigidly holds to 9-5 because he read once that kids who don’t eat dinner with their parents are 90% more likely to try drugs. That seems like a pretty strong emotional reason.

  3. Matthew Jones

    Great video! I picked up a couple things I’m going to try.

    I had a similar experience when I got my MacBook Air. I live on that thing now! I actually tried working completely off an iPad for a while, but it majorly killed my productivity. The lack of a physical keyboard and slow multi-tasking killed it for me.

    How in the hell do you keep from losing the notepad? OMG! I shove EVERYTHING in the cloud. I’d lose it otherwise ;-). I am a HighRise fanatic and pretty much live completely off HighRise tasks…

    So, I’d like to hear about some of your more “creative” marketing stunts. Like, everyone knows about SEO, but have you tried other low-budget marketing tactics that have worked out for you?

  4. Ken

    One of my favorite life hacks has nothing to do with productivity. It’s mixing regular crispex cereal with chocolate chex mix. The chocolate chex mix is just way too chocolatey on their own. :)

    On another note, great ideas. Going to try the “tomorrow list” idea from Neville starting next week.

  5. Toy Dog Coffee


    Great vid. I see you will be in Hawaii in December. If you will be on Oahu (Honolulu, Waikiki, wherever), let me know, would love to buy you a cup of great Hawaiian coffee (and give you a sample to bring back to Noah). I currently am running multiple business experiments as we speak and would love to take 20 minutes of your time to just chat about anything!


      1. NMC

        Great tips Nev and app sumo guy. I believe project management skills are essential to starting a business.
        I have worked in the corporate world for about half of my life and now since starting my own personal businesses I follow a strict project management methodology when completing tasks.


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