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23 comments on “Discussing Wantrepreneurs

  1. Dividendium

    Enjoyed the video…

    Sumo is so fat, his belly button makes an echo.

    Sumo is so fat, he sat on a Walmart and lowered prices.

    Sumo’s butt is so big, he got stopped at the airport for trying to smuggle 200 lbs of crack!

    Sumo is so fat, when he wore a yellow t-shirt, little kids kept trying to jump on his back to get to school.

    Sumo is so fat, when he went to the zoo, people kept reporting that one of the hippos had gotten loose.

    Love the Sumo!

    Topics for later videos…

    Definitely life hacks on how to get motivated or stay motivated.

    How did those people who y’all know that have tried stuff and failed have the motivation to try again?

    1. Neville

      HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA!! You know I actually have a Google Doc entitled “Sumo Jokes” that I copy/paste all your emails and comments to :-)

      We’ll be doing a motivation video next week! Should be good :-)

  2. Kirk VandenBerghe

    From “Business Opportunity Seeker” >> “Business Opportunity Finder” >> Cranking out the work day-after-day. Not just being motivated and working hard. The business model really matters, so I’d love to hear more on this from you guys.

  3. Daniel Gonzalez

    This was awesome. I’d like to know more about wantrepreneurs that failed, and what they could have done to turn their biz around. Also I’m struggling to find an idea for a drop ship business, so abandoned it. I’m gonna try doing freelance (holler, Ramit Sethi!) consulting instead. At least until I figure something out for a drop shipping biz.

    Noah what other businesses did you try that failed? how long did you work on those?

    1. The Business Run

      Oh dude, drop shipping seems hard! I don’t know much about it, but google global sourcing. Freelance is a great way to make money. Just keep it up, and find a business person to motivate/teach you, because there’s a lot to learn! Hope it helps.

  4. Neil

    Hey Nev!

    I’ve been reading your blog forever! I remember reading somewhere in one of your posts about the type of video creation software you used to create the behind the scenes for your products. If you don’t mind sharing, what software is it? I’ve been searching for a way to take screenshots of my computer, add video, etc. and what not to create a website preview video.

    1. Neville Post author

      I use Camtasia for the PC.

      I also use Camtasia (and Screenflow) on my MacBook air.

      However the HoR Product was 100% Camtasia for PC. It’s a great piece of software. Really easy to use and has enough features to do stuff…but not BLOATED with features like an expensive Adobe product.

  5. TB

    Hey Neville, your stuff really rocks my tits (and that’s not easy to do since I’m not a very big guy).

    Quick question: what is the difference between the Sumo Business Blueprint course and the House of Rave course?

    I am going to buy one over the next few days and I am wondering which you would recommend.

  6. Bill

    Hey Nev,

    What camera do you film with? I need to purchase a new one for web video and yours always look good – so I’m just going to go with your choice

  7. Bill

    Ohh yeah and one more question. How the heck do you transfer your handwriting to a webpage (like on the KopyKourse sales page?

  8. Zachary Park

    Loved the videos. I stumbled across all three of them on app sumo. Great motivation to know that my small validations are actually moving for towards bigger things. Keep it up.

    Thanks again,


  9. Steve

    Hi Neville,

    Love these videos and your courses (I’ve purchased a couple of them already). I noticed you generally have a special t-shirt made for each of your courses. Where do you get them made? Just curious.


    1. Neville

      Hey Steve, I usually get them made kinda last-minute at a “T-shirt Deli” here in Austin. They’re not necessary, but they’re fun to wear :-)


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