Doing Handstands with Tim Ferris

I don’t consider Tim Ferris a HUGE celebrity like Elton John or Lance Armstrong, but I do consider him a big celebrity in certain circles.

Most of the people I know have heard of Tim Ferris, or at least occasionally read his blog….and if they’re even semi-nerds, they DEFINITELY know him.

Ok, typing this is boring, I’m jumping to the pen:

It was actually pretty fascinating to hear him talk about his quick rise to fame…and how it was no accident. ┬áHe used a lot of VERY CLEVER and untraditional ways to get his book out there…and it’s amazing how well it worked.

I have a new found respect for him.

It was also ┬ávery cool that some very high up people at the conference during their speeches said how The Four Hour Work Week changed their lives! I previously thought the book was meant for not-very-big-time people…but I was very wrong.

Blog posted on: August 6, 2010

12 comments on “Doing Handstands with Tim Ferris

  1. linda

    so cool you got to meet him and AWESOME you got him to do a break dance pose with you ! i’ve read tons of reviews on 4 hour work week and i may have sped-skimmed the book.

    1. Neville

      I originally thought the book was a goof when I saw the title….then it got REALLY DAMN POPULAR and I bought it.

      It definitely has some great ways of being more productive, and I’m sure it completely shifted MANY people’s mindsets on working, travelling and making money.

  2. Kimberly

    I’m so jealous! I’ve certainly admired Tim for a while. I certainly would love to rack his brain. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I though his name had two S’s in it.

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  7. Chanelle Henry

    Psst… His last name is spelled with two s’s. :-) [says the avid Tim Ferriss fan.. lol]

    I liked this post, and it’s always awesome to hang out with Tim (I did for a second at SXSW). It was very cool experience. Anyway I have been following your blog and your story and I’m actually actively trying to get a biz going myself. I have had tons of ideas and been an entrepreneur for years, but it hasn’t really yielded money as of yet which is upsetting. Being a designer I pay attention to [the wrong] details, and it’s difficult to take action rather than making sure everything is pixel perfect. I had a couple questions I wanted to ask you, that mainly focused around, how are you able to go straight to action without putting too much thought in the details? How did you learn how to market effectively more so, getting the right keywords, starting points to marketing, etc…? Is it ever too late for someone to be successful in this over-saturated market of ecommerce? (that’s probably an easy question to answer, but seeing that I am 28, and…so are you, and our bank accounts differ, I just wanted to know if things would ever take off, and how to stay motivated)

    Also, pretty random, I went to your old site to hunt for your email address.. yeahhh fail. lol. How can I get in touch with you! I wanted to know if you wanted to collab on anything (me offering design in exchange for your talent and wit-you can check my work here:, and just to maybe a share a beer next time I’m in Austin for SXSW.

    I hope to get in touch with you, now I’ll just go back to reading all your posts on your blog. ;-)

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