Ebay Update and Water

My two monitors on Ebay sold:

  • 18.1″ Atec – Fetched $340 in cash. I will deliver it to buyer as they live only 2 miles away from me.
  • 17″ Samsung – Got $218 + $25 in shipping via PayPal.

+ =

On a different note, I will still be carrying through with my bottled water experiment this weekend. One thing that is driving me to do this is a consensus of all my successful family friends. They all have completely different methods to their success…BUT…in conversation, every single one of them has at one point said, “I can sell anything.”

Can I sell anything? We’ll see.

I tried to get a partner for this experiment, but I got no takers. I will be standing at an intersection with bums that over 13,000 University of Texas students pass by everyday. This doesn’t exactly do wonders for your social life.

But hey, embarassment is in your head and money is green. (Tasteless Joke: I guess that’s what strippers say all the time!)

Blog posted on: April 1, 2005

4 comments on “Ebay Update and Water

  1. Fantonim

    Nev, your enthusiasm amazes me! I am sure that if you keep up the good work, you’ll achieve this 11 grand goal in no time!


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